5K Pace

5Ks make me want to vomit. They just do. They are the “sprint race” for distance runners. You might think that the 100-meter dash is scarier, nay. The 5K is the stomach-turning torturous race that we all fear.

Running a 5K takes speed, strategy, and a totally different kind of mind-set from marathon running.

I’m scared of them.

Cold weather scares me. So do 5Ks. A 5K in the cold = ruh-roh.

Cold weather scares me. So do 5Ks. A 5K in the cold = ruh-roh.

Sooooooo, our physical therapy department is hosting a 5K on March 9th at 9am in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. (You should come run with me!) And I’ve been structuring my runs a little toward this upcoming race.

I will, I will ROCK YOU!

I will, I will ROCK YOU!


I mean, I can’t suck it up at the race and expect to walk into class Monday morning with my head held high. I have a goal (I’m too embarrassed to share it) and I will achieve it, come hell or high water.

But 5Ks are tough to pace. Most distance runners (me) are terrified of the pacing aspect of sprints like this. But really, it’s not much more different than a tempo run.

How to run a 5K:

  1. Warm up: Not just a jog-from-the-subway warm-up. Like, 2 miles of a warm-up at a normal starting workout pace. This will be the most important thing you do to have a successful race.
  2. Time your entrance into the corrals: No more than 5 minutes before the race. Keep moving in your corral, don’t stretch, and keep those fibers flexing.
  3. Go out fast-ish: Since you’re warmed up, you’ll be ready to hit your tempo but not your max pace. Probably closer to 15-20 seconds slower to make sure you don’t die at the end.
  4. Kick it in halfway: Halfway through the race is a little over a mile to go. Time to make a move. Time to find your power.
  5. Half mile is Go Time: Time to see what you’re made of and do it like it’s a mile repeat. Leave it all out on the road. 

Finish with an ugly runner face and rock it out.

Sign up to run our race because, really, you need us to research your weird runner injuries so when you come see me in a few years I know how to treat you. Plus you get a shirt.

Blue looks good on everyone.

Blue looks good on everyone.

Also, how cute is my classmate who gave all of valentines? Seriously. Cute.

Candy! Wheeeeeee!

Candy! Wheeeeeee!

Now go out and run.

Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Little Things

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! I am not really a celebrator of Valentine’s Day, save for a card and a heart-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (favorite candy) for JB.


For me, every day is about the Little Things we do for one another. A text message saying hello. Coming home to dinner already made (or in my case, ordered). Someone holding the door for you at Starbucks. The doorman guessing your age and thinking you are 10 years younger. A phone call from a friend. Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be a four course meal and flowers that cost 20% more just because it’s Valentine’s Day (I mean, if that’s your thing then that’s your thing and I hope you have a great day!). It can be the Little Things.

I don’t need flowers and dinner and all that stuff, just a card. I love cards.

Clearly, my love of cards is keeping Papyrus in business.

I love that the first song on my iPod today as I started my strength training workout at the gym this morning was one of my favorites.

The Boss and the Big Man. Nothing better.

I love that Reno and Blondie know me well enough to send me the cutest video of my sweet baby niece wearing her little bear outfit that I bought her. I have watched it probably a dozen times and downloaded it to my phone so I can watch it whenever I need a good hearty laugh and a smile. She’s dancing and smiling and being the cutest baby EVER. I won’t share the video ‘cuz, you know, she needs a little anonymity, but I will share something equally cute. A duck.

It’s the Little Things, you know? Thoughtful. Personal. Everyday things matter so much more than a gigantic Valentine’s Day thing.

Do you notice the Little Things that people do for you? A runner who smiles or says “good morning”‘ to you as you pass each other on the road. A friendly smile at the grocery checkout. Did you thank the person who held the door while you were walking through at Starbucks or your office this morning? Do you say hello to the security guard who has the BEST attitude every time you see him?

Little Things are all around us. We are all capable of doing Little Things for others. Whether or not you choose to acknowledge others’ efforts or make them yourself is up to you.

I kinda feel that if you try a little of both you will just be a happier you. Just try. ‘Cuz those Little Things make today way Better Than the Alternative.

What are your favorite Little Things? Are you doing anything special for Valentine’s Day? Tell me all about it.

Now go out and run!