Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Oldies…

…but Goodies.

Tell you what, there is no better way to celebrate a momentous occasion than with family and friends. My friends are the best. Old and new, they rock the whole wide world.

But what makes this Tuesday Better Than the Alternative are the Oldies.

I’ve had three friends since I was about 5 years old. Two of them are twins (hi Twins!) and one of them is my friend from up the street, Teeny. Teeny is half my size and packs a whole lotta fabulousness in her just under 5′ frame.

I’ve seen the Twins any number of times since my family moved away when I was 15. Luckily, their jobs have taken them to NYC several times since I’ve lived here and I adore visiting with them, if even for just brunch before they head for the airport. They’re fabulous.

Teeny and I see each other far less often. I think we were nearly 7 years, two children, and one husband between visits when we finally touched base last winter. This weekend, Teeny and her husband happened to be visiting and were able to not only meet some of our closest friends, but celebrated the very exciting occasion of me being accepted to NYU’s doctorate of Physical Therapy program.

Yes, I’m still talking about that.

Drinks, dinner, more drinks, two gorgeous runs in Central Park (Teeny’s longest run EVER: 8km!) and lovely visits with our husbands got me to thinking how great it is to have Oldies.

  • Oldies ask about my gigantic family and they actually know all of them by name…and sometimes by nicknames.
  • Oldies remember when I was a scared, awkward kid with low self-esteem (braces AND glasses) and praise me for how far I’ve come, and I believe them.
  • Oldies don’t mind the dirty (not that kind of dirty) talk that is usually reserved only for JB about how “I’m feeling” lately with my UC.
  • Oldies love JB before they even meet him. And know him by face. And cannot get enough of learning about him.
  • Oldies cry with me.
  • Oldies want to know everything about everything and will stop the world if I need them.
  • Oldies are never ashamed of me just being me.
  • Oldies are as proud of my accomplishments as JB, my parents and my siblings are because they know that they helped me get to where I am today.

You know who the Oldies in your life are. They’re the ones who “knew you when” and still know you now. Do you have Oldies? I bet you have at least one. I am lucky enough to have 3. Love you, girls. Thanks for believing in me.

Those Oldies are exactly why today and every day is Better Than the Alternative.

Who are your Oldies? Do you see them often? Do you drink as much as I do when you see them…what is WITH that? Tell me all about your Oldies.

Now go out and run!