Friday Fitness News: We Have A Winner!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner in my first every giveaway! First, let me thank all of you who nominated your friends, Moms, sisters and workout inspirations for the giveaway. I loved reading how these women bring sparkle to your life and inspire you to keep on keepin’ on.

Sarah nominated her friend, Lindsay. Read her nomination below:

Sarah, please email me at so we can coordinate the shipping of the sparkle! Again, thank you everyone for sharing and entering your friends. Did you have fun? Did you like nominating others or would you prefer to win yourself? We’ll have to do it again soon.

Onto this week’s Fitness News!

  • Is this the Hospital Room of the Future? Not sure if I want my baby in a bubble.
  • Spinning looks like a heart attack…in a good way.
  • This is genius and I cannot WAIT til I can eat salads again!
  • Air pollution has less of an effect on runners. Well, mice who run anyways.
  • For the love of your own sanity, watch this hilarious video:
  • It’s a shame that youth fundraising efforts were punished in Omaha. Bad form.
  • This man lived on his bike for 382 days. Ouch.
  • Sprinting may cause more injuries. Or is the overall load?
  • Think stars are just in it for their health (or yours)? Think again.
  • I recently saw Chariots of Fire for the first time and loved reading the back story.
  • On a personal note, the Israelis are working on kicking IBD butt! Thanks, guys!
  • And finally, Facebook (& Twitter, I imagine) are like being in middle school. I totally agree. For your own sanity, pare down those “friends” people. That is, unless you are a narcissist who needs to have 900 friends to feel better about yourself, in which case I recommend you maybe seek some professional help.

On that note, be nice to yourself and have an AWESOME weekend! Any runs planned? Snow in the forecast? Valentine’s Day stuff? What’s news in YOUR world?

Now go out and run!