What I Did With My Summer Vacation

Hello friends. How are you?

Summer is officially over. Well, not “officially” officially since the Summer Solstice is actually the official end of summer. But Labor Day weekend certainly marks the end of summer for most of us in the working/school world, to be sure. So, Summer is over. Welcome to School Year 2012-2013!

What did you do with your Summer? Beach? Vacation? Sleep? BBQs? Trips? All-around fun stuff?

That’s nice.

This is what I did:


Studying. Every day.

I got dressed up in scrubs day after day for 4 weeks of Anatomy cadavar lab. My scrubs weren’t comfy. How do those gals on Grey’s Anatomy look so darn cute in theirs?! Oh, btw, there are official Grey’s Anatomy scrubs for sale. Oh yes.

Not the best fit.

I studied every day. Seriously. Every. Day.

Studying…sort of.

And here is what I did with my Summer Vacation:

Immediately after passing my last class, I ate at one of my favorite restaurants with my study buddy and JB.

All dressed up and someplace to go. Finally!

And there were drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. And I was home and in bed by 9. Lightweight.

Mmmmmmm…you know how I love a mojito.


I read a non-school book.

I read this on the plane to and from Chicago. I want those 4 hours of my life back.

I ran. A lot.

I’m not real fast but I am BRIGHT!

I went to Chicago where I kayaked down the Chicago River and learned that the Great Chicago Fire jumped the river. Yup. Fire jumps. No pictures from the kayaking, but I did get pretty wet, no thanks to JB constantly paddling water into my back. We did stay at a nice hotel that had chairs that had chairs that made me look like I was in Alice In Wonderland.


And then I slept. A lot. And napped. Every day. And walked around my fair city with JB. And had my favorite cupcakes. And slept some more. And ran with JB. A lot. And went to one of my favorite places in the city.

It’s like coming home.

And watched movies. Snow White & the Huntsman was alright. I still don’t get all the Hunger Games hype. Anchorman is still hilarious. We had both Law & Order and Misfits marathons. I slept so much that the bags under my eyes, previously feared to be age lines, are now gone. It’s amazing what sleep and relaxation will do for a person’s youthful glow. Perhaps I’m not old yet……well, except for that my baby brother turned 30, hence the Chicago trip.

All in all, my Summer Vacation, short though it was, was refreshing and just what this doctor (-al candidate) ordered.

Up next, the Marine Corps Marathon!

What about you? Did you run any fabulous races? Achieve any Summer goals? Have the most savage tan on the beach (you really should wear your sunscreen)?

Here’s hoping you feel refreshed and ready for marathon season to kick off!

Now go out and run!

The Sucky Part

Wow. I am in a craptastic mood today. Sorry in advance for the venting.

I am not normally bummed out about running these days. Sure, my organs devoured my muscles to fix themselves. And yeah, I have no discernible muscle definition. So what if I lack strength just about everywhere in my body. Can’t be all bad, right?

Not the face of someone who is pissed off.

These days, I am normally all “Hey, world, I can run! Outside! 7 weeks post-surgery! Boom!”

But sometimes, it sucks. And sometimes, the sucky part hangs around for a while. Like only being able to do 3 miles because it’s so freaking hot outside. And realizing that my idea of speed work is kind of a joke. And being passed in Central Park.

Super annoyed.

I hate being passed by people I KNOW I used to be able to keep up or pass like they were standing still pre-surgery.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of where I am and how far I’ve come. I made a new friend who actually ran with my slow ass a couple of times and reminded me that it’s actually pretty cool that I’m running at all, given what my body has been through. She’s smart. I’m going to start listening to her.

Hooked up to 5 separate lines. Who knew I’d be running in 4 weeks? Not bad.

But I can’t catch my breath. Or find a rhythm. My legs always feel like lead. It seems as though my muscles are on vacation. It sucks. It is NEVER easy. My body just doesn’t feel like it used to.

I guess that’s the point. It never will.

I will get faster and stronger and, one day, be able to lift more than 20 pounds. Until then, I just have to muddle through the sucky part as best I can, I suppose.

Having to study all day every day is definitely not helping my sucky attitude. 7 more weeks!

Sound off! What’s the sucky part of your runs/workouts these days? Hot summer days sucking your will to live? Weight room jammed with summertime meatheads? Vacation/work/people getting in the way of your workout? Let’s all talk about the sucky parts together 🙂

Now go out and run.

(Or, for me, shuffle on down 2nd Ave. Ugh. I will be more cheerful tomorrow. Promise.)

Friday Fitness Links: Well, It’s Saturday, Actually

I feel like I should put a disclaimer on the top of my blog that says:


Sure, take my money AND all my time. I won’t mind. Just make sure you get me a really well-paying job after this, ok?

Yesterday’s second orientation confirmed what I have been told all along, this will be the hardest semester in my career. Every single graduate, current student, professor, security guard and custodian has reinforced this statement.

Translation: I will be under a rock for the next eight weeks.

No weddings, bridal showers, parties, drinks, dinner with friends, weekend getaways, long bubble baths or afternoons spent sunbathing in Central Park. I will be the whitest girl in NYC come August when I finally emerge. The whitest, but one semester closer to graduating, so YAY!

No more sunshine for me. How sad.

My goal is to keep up and do well. My goal for the blog is also to keep up. However, if you don’t hear from me from time to time, rest assured I am just fine but cannot be disturbed for fear of failing Histology sometime in the next four weeks and Anatomy after that. Everybody ok with that? Great.

So, what’s news this week?

And there you have it folks, the news this week. Three cheers for those of you running/racing this weekend, especially all my friends braving the Hudson in the NYC Tri today! How did your race/run go today? I’m thinking a nice, long walk will be in store for me…just as soon as JB wakes up.

Now go out and run!

Wednesday Workout: The Double Down

Hump Day! Yaaaaaaaaay! I bet you’re all pumped that Friday is almost here. I sure am. More orientation for school on Friday for me, which means that I start school in only a few short day.


Wait, wait, wait! I’m not ready! No, really, I don’t know anything! I definitely don’t think I’m ready to be a doctoral candidate!

*deep breath*

Yes, I am. I know some stuff. I’m ready as I’ll ever be.

Ok, now that my panic attack is done, I want to share something so fun with ya’ll. Remember how yesterday’s BTAT was all about Social Media and finding a community for whatever you might need support in your life (hello, IBD community!)? Well, funny thing happened on Twitter yesterday.

NYC meet-up! Yay!

One of my favorite runner bloggers, Janae, shot out an invite to meet up for lunch tomorrow while she’s in town for an event. So fun, right? See how Social Media can bring people together? Fun, fun, fun. Can’t wait to finally meet her and gab about all the important things such as: What toppings do you always put on your fro-yo? and Who really has the best salad bar ever? Burning questions, I tell you.

As for today, I am doing a double-whammy workout. Walked 1.5 miles home from the doctor and will walk another 2 miles to and from {my favorite place to be in NYC} luluelmon for a team meet-up.

Double Down workouts can be a really great tool to training when you do them right. Recently, lots of my friends have been doing Ragnar Relays and other overnight/100+ mile relays. First off, I am totally forming a team for next spring. Look out, world, I will be running with a headlamp and there’s no stopping me. Second, SO FUN! I love a team event.

Three cheers for Team KOB!!!!

The other reason to give a Double Down a try is that you sometimes just don’t have the time for a long run, am I right? I mean, it’s tough to get 10 miles in before work (aka before the sun is beating down and cooking you like a sausage). Why not hit up 7 comfortable miles in the morning and hammer out 3 after the sun goes down? And what better way to burn a few extra calories than to split up your workouts with 12 hours of sitting in a chair.

So next time you’re…

  • Too tired to do the full mileage in one swoop
  • Short on time
  • Interested in burning a few more calories in your day
  • Want to add a little bit more mileage
  • Looking to increase your endurance
  • Want to meet up with the run club that night but they aren’t running as long as you need to that day
  • Looking to catch up with a friend for some slower miles after work but need to get some speed work in that day, too
  • Have to unexpectedly cut a workout short

…do a Double Down. Don’t be afraid. Try it once a week (no more) and see how it goes.

Now go out and run.