Winter Accessories & Mulligan

Today was supposed to be my first video blog, complete with exercises. Guys, it was bad. I mean, like, embarrassingly, horrifyingly BAD. I will try again tomorrow. I also didn’t get to make this amazingness tonight because the post office was a zoo. Damn. *sigh* Tomorrow is another day. Instead, let’s talk more about winter running!

I was sprinting up and down First Avenue on the very lovely 38th St. to 42nd St. hill this morning and loving every single minute of it. The Runner’s World Holiday Streak is alive and well with me! I thought about all the runners who have turned in their sneakers since having completed whatever race they ran this Fall and how sad I was for them that they’d not be experiencing the joy of running in the cold, crisp air of winter because they’re afraid of being cold. My New Yorkers feel me on this (and my Chicagoans even more!): winter running is AWESOME!

I plan on giving a step-by-step of how to prepare for the cold as the winter gets on, but for now let’s start with the basics. Accessories!

#1. Gloves!

Fancy-schmancy, high-tech little things!

These lululemon Run: Brisk gloves are perfect for right now. They’re light but give just the right amount of warmth until we dip into the freezing temperatures and have to bring out the big guns. Bonus: they have these awesome tech-y tabs on the thumb and forefinger so you can use all your gadgets without having to take off your gloves. So cool. They go fast, so look for them in your local store. The arctic run gloves are a warmer option that also have the tab-y things.

#2. Neck warmer (Is there a better name for this?)

No need for a zip-up with this little gem!

So, not all of my tops have a zip-up over the neck and I really like my neck to be warm when I’m out in the wintertime. Hello neck warmer! The drawstring allows me to tighten it over my neck so none of that cool East River breeze sends chills down my back. It’s also long enough to be pulled up over my mouth and nose for those REALLY cold runs. I got this last year from “Santa” from lululemon and haven’t seen another one since, but Under Armour makes these.

#3. A great hat

Mmmmm...toasty warm.

I don’t generally break out the hats until about mid-January. I’m a ear-warmer girl til then. But when I do, I bring out the big guns. This Under Armour beanie is lined with a moisture-wicking layer (because we all know what a sweaty beast I am) but then has a super-cute and super-warm knit top layer that has NEVER failed to keep my head toasty warm on even the coldest of runs. It’s awesome.

These three things will make or break your winter running season. Invest wisely in good, quality items and you will be that “crazy runner” blazing through the wintery streets and loving every minute of it.

Now go out and run!

Fitness News Fridays: Black Friday

Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I hope you are all stuffed to the gills with pie and turkey and love and thanks! Hey, did you hear that I’m streaking? Did you get your streak on last night? I hit up the Outlaws’ neighborhood roads down here in Florida after everyone had left for a quick 3-miler, my first real run after the marathon, and managed to clock sub-8:00 minute miles. Sweet!

I know that some of you are going to be getting your workout on by MMA fighting the person in line next to you at Best Buy/Target/Bloomingdales this morning and good luck to you brave souls. I am going to take some of the Outlaws to the gym and show them how to get their post-Thanksgiving workout on New York-style. Look out, Florida!

So what’s happening in the world of health and fitness this week? Well, everyone is all about how not to gain weight around the holidays and how to portion control your meal. Too late today! In other news…

  • For those of you who are away from home this weekend and can’t get into the gym, Men’s Health has a Hotel Workout just for you.
  • Or, if you have a smart phone, you can download all sorts of helpful workout apps that will keep track of everything from your heart rate to your distance to your calories burned. Now that’s smart!
  • If you’re going to head out for a run instead, be sure to do a safety checklist before you hit the road.
  • Are you struggling with losing weight? Some of it is motivation, but some of it might be genetics. Either way, keep fighting!
  • If you’re working out all the time and not seeing any results, there may be a reason for that and it’s not just genetics or motivation.
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one exercise is never the answer for overall health and good fitness. Even yogis are figuring that out!
  • And lastly, if you are looking to get a fitness lady in your life a little something-something for the holidays, I just say that luluemon has this gym essentials kit that has all my favorites bits and bobs in it!

Ok, everybody, get your streak on and we’ll check back in on Monday to see how it’s going.

Now go out and run!