Adventureland Running

I am an adventurer! I went to another island!

Manhattan is a relatively small island. 13 miles north to south, 3 miles at its widest. There are only so many places to run whilst kickin’ it long run-style. I’ve run to New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Queens on my runs…but never took the plunge into the middle of the Harlem River.

I took the road/bridge less traveled and ran on over to an island other than my own during my long run on Sunday. I had hoped to explore safely with a friend, but Gia kept falling down last week and decided it was best for her not to join me. Good call, G.

I decided to forgo music in favor of a funny podcast (or 4) to listen to while I ran forever my long run.

4 shows = 1 long run.

4 shows = 1 long run.

I love Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! on NPR. Peter Sagal is a long-time runner and sometimes contributor to Runner’s World Magazine. He and the panel’s funny quips kept me laughing right out loud during a very. long. run.

I ran to the most masculine island in the city of New York, Randall’s Island. You might be asking why there’s so much testosterone over there. Well, this little island in the middle of the East River (technically the Harlem River on one side, East River on the other) houses the NYC Firefighter Academy, Icahn Stadium, and countless sports fields.

Over the {Harlem} River and on the {103rd St. foot} bridge to Randall’s Island we go!

There was a serious party happening on the tiny island of Randalls.

There was a serious party happening on the tiny Isle of Randalls.

I was nervous at first going all by myself, having only ever been to the Firefighter portion of the island, but was pleasantly surprised to find a huge BBQ happening just on the other side of the foot bridge. There were also many a baseball and soccer game happening on the various fields.

Big plus? Bathrooms and water fountains everywhere. You go on with your bad self, Randall’s Island!

Not so great? A path that led to nowhere.

This trail abruptly ended at one of these large cement beams holding up a bridge. You know what else doesn't belong? my giant finger.

This trail abruptly ended at one of these large cement beams holding up a bridge. Love my giant thumb in the picture. Excellent mid-run photography skills.

I could have run farther north on the island but turned around when my watch beeped so I could get home and not run an entire marathon in the process.

It was so freeing to run somewhere new but know I was just a short jaunt from my little home island. A serious bonus is that it’s an island…soooooo, surrounded by water = breezy with beautiful views. I could not have asked for a more sunny, mid-70s, low humidity day for my adventurous long run. So fun!

In short? Great place to run. Flat place to run. I will be back. Probably soon. Also, I am hooked on running to podcasts. Best switch ever.

On a side note, JB has taught me it’s easier to open bananas from the bottom. Genius. I’m sure I’m late to the party, but there we are.

This was a revelation to me, a long-time banana fan.

This was a revelation to me, a long-time banana fan.

Where have you run lately that was new and an adventure? Did you do it alone or with a friend? Disaster, success, or somewhere in between? I’m dying to run somewhere all woody and nature-like after my trip to Colorado. But, you know, without mosquitos or bears. 

Now go out and run!