A New Routine With No Options

Hello friends! It’s great to be writing again, even if writing at this hour of the morning means only one thing: I am up and I’m not running.


Because it’s pouring rain. I know, I know, I should just go out and run. But it’s pouring cats and dogs, supposed to add lightning to the already nasty mix, and it’s super-dark out there. Not my idea of a good idea to go out. And I’m still awake! I didn’t go back to sleep! Booooooooooo rain.



Treadmill after work it is. Sigh.

And work — WORK! is at the hospital. I help treat, evaluate, and advocate for patients from the minute I walk in to the minute I walk out. It’s exhausting, hence why I prefer to run in the wee small hours of the morning.

Student PT Abby at your service!

Student PT Abby at your service!

This whole work-all-day-and-exhausted-at-night thing is new for me. I’m used to having my day severely broken up with clients and classes so that if I miss a run in the morning, I can grab a quick loop around the park that night.

Not so anymore.

Dawn run or bust!

Dawn run or bust!

I’m bummed about my lack of workout options on days like this. Pouring rain in the dark makes for scary city running and my neighborhood at work isn’t exactly safe for me to get a lunchtime jog in (plus, we don’t have employee showers and,well, YUCK).

And since I’ve been falling asleep at 8:30 (yup, I’m cool like that), an after work workout doesn’t seem like it’s even possible.

Soooooooooooo tired.

Soooooooooooo tired.

What’s a girl to do? Whatever I can.


  1. Run in the morning
  2. Run at lunch and use baby wipes (you’re welcome, patients)
  3. Run home from work
  4. Run at home after I get home from work
  5. Run on the treadmill (with everyone else in the free world) after work

Option #5 is obviously the last option. I hate running at 6pm at the gym on the treadmill with all of Manhattan. Talk about claustrophobia. 

It's not the treadmill I hate, it's the overcrowded gyms.

It’s not the treadmill I hate, it’s the overcrowded gyms.

Regular working people of the world, I feel your pain. I have never had “regular” working hours and now that I do, I hate it. I want my 6am start time back so I can work out at the gym when no one else is around.

Pretty please?

These 4.5 more weeks are going to crawl by. Should be interesting since I pick up training for the Chicago Half this weekend. Ruh-roh.

Speaking of Chicago…you can still get in on the raffle to win a stay in Acapulco for you and 10 of your friends by donating to the CCFA. $20 donation gets you 1 raffle ticket. Sand, sun, and fun with friends sounds pretty good right about now.

This is a real place. A real place where you could be going with your friends if you donate $20 or more to my fundraising page. Seriously.

This is a real place. A real place where you could be going with your friends if you donate $20 or more to my fundraising page. Seriously.

How do you Normal Working Hours people do it? Do you work exclusively in the morning or at home or on lunch? Share your wisdom with me!!! How do you stick to your workouts when Mother Nature conspires against you?

Now go out and run!

(Or, if you’re like me, run after work!)

Hurricane Sandy: DON’T PANIC!!!!

Oh man, I’m already hearing about people deferring and registering for a Spring marathon. While I totally get this kind of panic, I want to warn against it.

The weather isn’t really a sure thing until the night before.

Weather people often overstate for dramatic effect. See: Hurricane Irene.

Damage from Hurricane Irene in NYC. Staggering.

The decision to defer or to just not run is a very personal one.

On the one hand, you’ve trained for this for months and  to have Mother Nature screw you at the last minute just plain sucks. One of my friends said she’d run another one that is also nearby but is two weeks later. That’s one way to go.

Uh-oh, spaghetti-o’s!

On the other hand, if the race coordinators are going to hold it despite a little rain (read: not during a hurricane, but a rain storm), I’d run as long as I felt safe. I mean, we train in the worst conditions over very long, hot summer days. Why should a little rain stop you?

You’ve battled the heat (you sweaty beast, you!), why not the rain?

Get a hat. Wear fitted gear. Make sure your shoes have good tread. Smile.

This is what I would wear. Fitted tank, fitted shorts (both made of Luxtreme), rain resistant lightweight jacket (if it’s lower than 55 deg), and a hat to keep the rain out of my eyes.

The choice is, obviously, yours. But remember, you can’t predict Marathon Sunday weather, which is why we don’t abandon a long run just because the weather isn’t optimal during training.

If you’re not obsessed with getting a PR or hitting a specific goal (anyone left?), give it a shot. Have some fun. Be the badass who ran a marathon in the rain and lived to tell the tale.

My last two marathons, I was just happy to finish feeling good. No PR. No BQ. But I was really proud of my performance and felt seriously awesome for powering through.

I earned that medal. I’m proud of that medal. And I didn’t PR, not even close. Totally worth it.

Just a thought.

Now go out and run!