Friday Fitness Links: Eugene

Guys, the Olympics are almost here. Our teams are nearly complete. Have you been watching what’s been going on in Eugene? And, oh my goodness, I had almost forgotten how hot Ryan Lochte is. I love watching swimming and diving but he makes it that much more of a must. I’m married, not dead.

Anyway, these P & G commercials dedicated to Moms everywhere are killing me. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for my Mom (& Dad). Mrs. Obi-wan is fierce, much like Kerri Walsh-Jennings’ mom, and I hope to be half the mom she is someday. I can’t wait to give it a try!

  • Well, we went from Olympics to babies in 2.4 seconds. Let’s get back to the Olympics. Are you caught up?
  • Lochte isn’t just a pretty face, either. He beat Phelps in the 400IM.
  • Galen Rupp broke Pre’s 40 year-old record in Eugene. He’ll compete in the 5,000 & 10,000 meter races in London.
  • The dead heat for third place in the Women’s 100 meters and how the tie is going to be broken.

11.068 seconds (Image courtesy of

(Image courtesy of Runner’s World)

What else? What’s going on this weekend in the racing world? Anyone doing the Firecracker 10K on Roosevelt Island on Wednesday? Do you have a Fourth of July run in your town? Send me pictures!

Have a great weekend everyone. I’m off to school!

Now go out and run.


Friday Fitness News: You Mean Besides That I Met Dara Torres?

Is there more news to share? I mean, I MET DARA TORRES. There are few things in this world that are cooler than meeting Olympians. They are stellar athletes with the kind of dedication I can only dream of having.

This picture is even cooler the 2nd day.

Ok, ok, I’m sure there’s other news happening and, in fact, there is. A lot. Let’s not dawdle.

I totally started the trend.

What’s going on this weekend? Are you running in a race? If you’re up near the Hudson Valley area and see a bunch of bike riders with Get Your Guts In Gear stuff, cheer them on! They are riding to raise money and awareness for people with Crohn’s, Colitis & Ostomates. They are my people. Cheer for them, please.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Now go out and run!


Friday Fitness News: Spring Break

This week took FOR.EV.ER.

No clue why it took an eternity for Friday to show up. I mean, it was a regular five-day work/school/etc. week. What’s the deal? Who knows? Who cares? IT’S FRIDAY! Aaaaaaaaand I have found a very tempting recipe for homemade Samoas. Seriously.

Spring Break starts today for me. I mean, I have probably the busiest week of my life next week despite the “break” from school. Which reminds me, if there’s anything you love to watch on Netflix, do share. I need almost two days of apartment entertainment for myself and I can’t promise I won’t buy the entire second season of Downton Abbey while starving on Monday and Tuesday. Help!

So what else is going on?


  • Good news for all the pregger runners/gym rats out there! I will carry this article around with me when I am pregnant and people give me judgmental looks as I pass them in Central Park.
  • I’m a “Marathon Diva”, what type of runner are you?
  • I wonder what type Natalia is? I mean, she ran a half-marathon.
  • I’m also TOTALLY a Party Girl. Seriously. Get in on one of these Flywheel Party Rides.
  • GU wants you to track your runs and reward you for doing them. Reward = presents!
  • Know what won’t reward you as much as you think? Crunches.
  • And if they’re right, hard-core exercise (read: not crunches) can alter your DNA.
  • Newsflash of the week: It’s bad news. You might do well to ease up on taking shark cartilage to prevent cancer.
  • Good news: The Olympics will be streamed live. FOR FREE!
  • And here is the recipe for those AH-MAYZING looking Samoa-like cookies. Mmmmmmm.

And that’s all she wrote. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Anybody racing this weekend? Oh, by the by, once again I’d like to congratulate my friend, Dorothy who WON THE B & A MARATHON LAST WEEKEND. Yes, she won it. Way to go, Dorothy. I’m inspired by your awesomeness.

Now go out and run!