Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Daydreamer

Why, hello there! I have missed blogging soooooooo much this summer. I’d often find myself writing a blog in my head at some point during the day only to have any memory of it wiped clean by cell biology, immunology, or a list of arterial anastamoses. School is great, don’t get me wrong, but this summer’s schedule is seriously cramping my style.

No matter, it’s almost over. Upward and onward!

Confession: I Daydream when I run. Does anyone else do this? Sometimes I picture myself running in the Olympics (clearly, I am delusional) and I suddenly feel more powerful, faster, and more determined. I Daydream that I am finishing the last mile of some major marathon and sprint down my block faster than a Chinese food delivery man on a bike.

What can I say? I’m a weirdo.

But, seriously. These Olympic games just bring out the wannabe athlete in all of us, don’t they?

This is my favorite so far. Love these two. (Image courtesy of Sports

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m an athlete, too. BUT NOT LIKE THESE GUYS!

WHAT?!?! (Image courtesy of

I mean, it’s a good thing I’m going into physical therapy. These athletes are going to need me in a few years…or months.

You are both very welcome to my PT services in three years. (Image courtesy of

Every four years, I find myself Daydreaming while I’m running that the eight miles I’m trudging through in August are eight miles of some Olympic event. Or the plyometrics I’m pushing through are part of some hard-core workout the likes of which Dara Torres kills on a regular basis.

Bad. Ass.

Those Daydreams make otherwise intolerably hot, disgustingly humid runs go by just a little bit faster. I am reminded that no athlete gets to the Olympics without putting in the work on the road, in the gym, in the pool, on the track, and in the kitchen. It may seem trite, but I am inspired by these athletes.

I love watching them celebrate their victories but even more so by the grace with which they handle defeat.

Even better is when two women (technically, rivals!) train together, share a coach, run every Olympic training run together, qualify together, and then find each other after the race to support one another. A race neither of them won.

(Image courtesy of @karagoucher)

So, I Daydream that I am one of them from time to time every four years. I guess that’s why you might see me in Central Park with my headphones on, looking all determined and stuff. Don’t mind me, I’m just pretending I’m an Olympian. Hey, it it may be a little embarrassing to admit, but it beats the hell out of the alternative, doesn’t it?

Go Team USA!

Now go out and run!

I Got to Meet Dara Torres!

That’s two days in a row with exclamation points in the title. Pretty sure that breaks some unspoken blogger etiquette or something. I just couldn’t help myself!


  • Five-time Olympian.
  • Twelve-time Olympic medalist.
  • The first female athlete to be featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
  • The oldest swimmer ever to earn a place on the U.S. Olympic team (Beijing).
  • Mother of one and 45-year old Olympic hopeful DARE TORRES!

I have to thank Jess for throwing the invitation out there, Crunch gym and Bengay for hosting me. I was absolutely thrilled to attend. After our workout, we were invited to stay for a Question and Answer and to take pictures with Dara. Thankfully, Jess brought a very fancy camera (I brought my dinky iPhone) and snapped a picture of us!

She’s gorgeous. She’s tall. She’s ripped. She’s wearing lululemon. I mean, what’s not to like? (Photo courtesy Jess Underhill and her fancy-schmancy camera)

Yes, she is that ripped. Yes, she is that beautiful. Yes, she’s very sweet and was totally candid with her answers. Yes, she’s gracious and took pictures with everyone. Yes, she’s wearing lululemon!!! And, yes, I want to be like her when I grow up 🙂

I hung around after the workout while she gave an interview and took some more photos for this post. Hope she didn’t mind the stalking.

If you’ve never met me, I am not a shrinking violet. I will stand up and ask questions when allowed and be the first in line to volunteer for demonstrations. Overeager? Probably. But I got my questions answered by the great Dara Torres, so there.

My first question was about her workout strategy and how it’s changed over the decades. Sorry my voice is so loud and hers is so soft, pump up that volume!

I love that she does functional training. I’m a big fan of it myself. I don’t remember what other people asked because I was trying so hard to remember my own questions. Here was the other one I snuck in before the close: Is this your last Olympics? And here is her response.

Again, sorry for my annoying voice in the middle of the videos. I was totally giggly the whole time. I love the honest of her answers. She talks about getting older and things not working the way they used to and being realistic with what she has left in the tank for yet another Olympic trials. You don’t get that much from athletes. I really appreciate her candor.

She’s such an inspiration to me, especially as I get older and try new things and find myself having to start over after illness. She has given me hope that, at any age, women can kick ass in sports. Through injury, through motherhood, through whatever life throws at us, if we work hard and are willing to put the effort into it, we can accomplish anything.

Yeah, it was pretty awesome meeting Dara Torres. Makes me wanna hit the gym! (Just kidding, Dr. Lee :))

Now go out and run!