Summer Runnin

…havin a blaaaast! Summer runnin, happened SO faaaaaaast.

Seriously. Where did Spring go?

Oh yes, Summer has arrived in NYC. Whether it’s a disgustingly sticky day like it was Monday and Tuesday or a beautiful crisp one like today, this is a New York City Summer for sure.

The early stages of my AWESOME sock tan line. I will be full-on farmer in a few short weeks.

The early stages of my AWESOME sock tan line. I will be full-on farmer in a few short weeks.

I’m an early-bird runner. Up and done by 8am. The bonus of early-bird running in the Summertime?

  1. Fewer tan lines
  2. Quiet city streets
  3. Cooler temperatures
  4. Happy hour (which I experienced for the first time in MANY years last night–Tuesday night tacos? Half price mojitos? Don’t mind if I do!)
  5. Work out amnesia –> easier to do the double workout

#5 specifically: Marathon training season is upon us = more miles. Sometimes I do doubles during the week so I can get more mileage in without having to go for more than an hour at a time.

Morning workouts allow for me to completely forget I already ran and do another easy run in the evening without hating every one of those last four or five miles of the day.

To make morning runs easier on days that I’m not training a client, I get up with my husband in the 5 o’clock hour and head out the door with him.

All my gear in one place because, let's face it, at 6am I'm definitely forgetting my sunglasses for my East River run directly into the sunrise.

All my gear in one place because, let’s face it, at 6am I’m definitely forgetting my sunglasses for my East River run directly into the sunrise.

Sometimes I make a plan to meet friends for an early morning workout.

Friends that sweat together at dawn...I don't know. There are only, like, two friends of mine who will do this with me.

Friends that sweat together at dawn…are likely sleep-deprived.

Surviving Summer runs and not being completely depleted for the day starts with immediate rehydration upon finishing. I don’t usually drink too much during weekly runs but I absolutely refuel when I stop.

Nuun to the rescue!

Magic, glowing, lemon-colored rehydrating stuff!

Magic, glowing, lemon-colored rehydrating stuff!

Let’s face it, I sweat more than your average bear. Seriously. I’d be sweating through my scrubs and people would be all, “Ummm…are you ok? You’re sweating an awful lot” and I’m like, “No worries. Just, uh, you know…hot?”

And in these temps, water ain’t gonna bring back the electrolytes, you know what I’m sayin?

In short, this Summer’s runs so far are brought to you by JB’s alarm clock, my awesome Oakley shades, and Nuun.

Now go out and run!

Tell me: What’s getting you through your Summer runs?


Things I Dig

Every now and again I come across something that I absolutely cannot believe I’ve been living without and refuse to ever let go. My iPhone is one. My Dior Show mascara is another. Don’t judge. It makes me look far more awake than I usually am.

I have a reeeeeally hard time investing in new gear but when I find something I love, I fall hard and I fall fast. And I tell everyone. And now I’m telling you.

These days I am loving a things mostly related to running. Shocker.

Saucony Kinvara 3

I wanted a lighter, speedier shoe and I found that Saucony Kinvaras are my jam.

I wanted a lighter, speedier shoe and I found that Saucony Kinvaras are my jam. And the color cannot be beat.

I love a lighter shoe. I don’t have foot problems so I don’t need any motion control or extra cushioning. I have my run-of-the-mill medium arch insoles, nothing special. These Kinvaras make me feel fast.

Morning Runs

The first light of day.

The first light of day.

Who knew I could get used to waking up and running out the door before dawn? Sometimes I get up but don’t get out. Win some, lose some.

Fresh Teal 



This is our lululemon Team Lunatics color for the New Jersey Half/Full Marathon, by popular vote: Fresh Teal. We will look very pretty and very spring-y crossing the finish line on the Jersey Shore!

Oakley Women’s Urgency Sunglasses

Do these sunglasses make me look fast?

Do these sunglasses make me look fast?

They’re cute, they’re comfy, and I love them.

Foam Roller

So cliche.

So cliche.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone loves the foam roller. For me, it’s a post-run must given that my legs have been feeling like rocks after workouts. Ouch.

Name Tags

What's that I see? My hospital name tag. Yeah, baby!

What’s that I see? My hospital name tag. Yeah, baby!

What can I say? I still get kinda giddy about forward motion where my PT career is concerned. Nerd.



Always this.

What’s new in your world that you love? Tell me what my new obsession should be. Well, besides the fabulous trip to Acapulco that you could win by participating in my Kick Ass 5K on Tuesday.

Now go out and run!

PS. Aside from my Ambassadorship with lululemon, I was not compensated for this post. Though, I wouldn’t be angry if Saucony wanted to send me those Kinvara 4s that everyone else got this week…(hint, hint).

Running Schizo

Good morning, everyone! Wow. You’d think that with all the “time off” I’ve had in the past three weeks that I’d have posted more often.

Yeah, hence the quotations.

Yes, three weeks is a nice, long time. However, three weeks with two major holidays during two of the three weeks and a weekend trip to Florida kills the “three weeks” notion dead.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Wah. Wah. Wah. I know.

It HAS been nice to run in the middle of the {freezing cold} day.

Holy brrrrrrrrrr!!! Batman.

Holy brrrrrrrrrr!!! Batman.

Necessary items these past few weeks: What The Fluff (reversible) vest, Sugoi long brushed running tights, Run Swiftly Long Sleeve, In Stride jacket, Saucony cold weather running mittens, and Run Brisk headband.

Average temperature on my runs of late: 27 degrees (feels like 17). I. Am. Freezing. when I start and just fine by the end. Even had to strip my gloves a few times.

Then, off to FL where I almost died from the humidity.

Note to self: get smaller tank tops & never let my MIL take photos of me. She's, like, a foot shorter and we all know how bottom-up photos look. Eeeek.

Note to self: get smaller tank tops & never let my MIL take photos of me. She’s, like, a foot shorter and we all know how bottom-up photos look. Eeeek.

Necessary items: Run: Turnaround shorts, Scoop Me tank top (which I now see is a size too big…), iTunes for motivation, and Oakley Urgency shades. My hair didn’t like it so much either (see: all family pictures taken after we got off the plane).



Yet another reason why I will never move to Florida: You can’t run there without dying. I don’t know how you FL runners do it.

It’s tough for bodies to go from running in freezing cold to extreme heat & humidity. A couple of precautions:

  1. Warm up. Let your body adjust accordingly before you get into your workout.
  2. Hydrate. Both cold & heat dehydrate you in their own special way.
  3. Dress accordingly. Longer post on winter dressing to come but it’s important to layer up or strip down, depending on where you are. Example: no black crops in the sun.

You snow birds must be experts at this. Btw, back in NYC and it’s 50°. Yahooo!

Have you ever gone from one climate to the other and run successfully? What are your tricks? Did you travel this holiday season? Are you as bummed out about school starting as I am? Tell me all about it.

Now go out and run.

Holiday Gift Ideas For the Men

Yesterday was all about the lady athletes. Today is all about the male athlete in your life. If your guy is anything like mine, he is impossible to shop for. If I hear, “I don’t really need anything” from him one more time, I might just put actual coal in his stocking just to prove my point that you have to give people ideas if you expect Christmas presents.

I am not a mind-reader. Even Santa Claus gets a list.

I am, however, pretty good at just guessing at cool things he might like. Here are a few that I’m considering.

Image courtesy of lululemon athletica

JB has said these are the best long-sleeved running shirts he’s every owned. He rarely wears more than this during the winter (well, until February) and wears them well into May. Oh, lululmeon, what would we do without you?








Image courtesy of Manduka

If your man is a sweaty yogi, this towel is a must. I’m a sweaty girl yogi and I cannot practice without it. My mat is like a Slip ‘n Slide otherwise.








Image courtesy of Oakley

Awesome shades that look cool and are totally functional.






Image courtesy of Brooks Running

If your man would like to get into trail running this winter, these are the perfect shoes for a neutral runner.








Image courtesy of Under Armour

My aunt bought these hats for us a few Christmases ago and we found them to be cozy and warm, even on the coldest NYC winter runs.






Image courtesy of Etsy

House decor isn’t usually top on the list for men I know, but we have this rack and it’s a cool way to display his (and your!) accomplishments.







Image courtesy of P90X

Does your man hate the gym? These workouts are awesome. I’m a fan. And they’re totally manly, too.







Image courtesy of Sugoi

JB loves these running tights.









Image courtesy of Apple

Guys love gadgets. The iPod Shuffle is tiny and light–great for runners! No need to carry around your clunky iPhone or Blackberry on a run, these little gems are only $49!






Image courtesy of Garmin

This Garmin does everything your man might need it to do and he can download all of his stats onto the computer to obsess about after each and every workout.







Phew! Now all you have to do is click, buy and wrap them. Do that and then…

…Go out and run!