Friday Fitness News: Diana Nyad Rocks

There is absolutely no question that week belongs to Diana Nyad, the 64 year-old World Champion swimmer who, after 5 attempts, completed the 110-mile swim from Cuba to Florida.

Without a shark cage.

For 53 hours.


This is the moment.

The finish. (Image courtesy of

The finish.
(Image courtesy of

Please. Let’s not even talk about what I did this week. It’s all Diana and she rocks my socks right off.

You go, girl.

In other (more mundane) news, here’s what you missed this week:

You need to live here for 3 minutes 3x/week. Do it.

You need to live here for 3 minutes 3x/week. Do it.

  • Preventing and repairing ACL injuries has come a long way but nothing’s perfect.
  • Rear foot strikers, rejoice! (I say run how you run and don’t force a change)
  • In other foot-related news, minimalist footwear ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  • Remember last week’s news about Competitor Group no longer supporting elite athletes at their races, here’s a good response as to why we should all care about this huge change to our sport.
  • My friend (& fancy-schmancy jewelry designer) Erica wants to be your cheerleader.
She makes pretty things.

She makes pretty things.



Happy Friday, y’all. Anyone racing this weekend? Running long? Sneaking off to the beach for one last summer frolic (ahem, Birdie). Tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you as I study for my CSCS exam!

Now go out and run.

And happy birthday to sweet baby James.

Last Week’s Fitness News: Back to Normal?

Happy weekend, friends. This week was intense. Between “intensive” week at school, putting together the BostonStrongNYC run, and finishing up with my training for the Long Branch Half Marathon, I’m spent. Good thing I start my rotation tomorrow…


Congratulations to all the Eugene, Big Sur, NIKE Women’s DC and everyone else who raced this weekend. How did you do?

The running world is starting to get back to normal-ish. I know there have been changes to the Finish Line protocol at the New Jersey Marathon/Long Branch Half Marathon next weekend. Anyone else know of any big changes to pass along?

  • I’m happy to report (or to pass on the report) that only 30-something people injured at the Boston marathon remain in the hospital as of yesterday. Sadly, at least 14 of the victims had to have a limb amputated. I’m grateful that there are other people who have had traumatic amputations in adulthood who have been to speak with them and encourage them to that life will go on, including Achilles founder Dick Traum and Marine Sergeant Gabe Ramirez.
  • And as you may have seen earlier this week, the entire running community is here to support the victims and their families. We hope that came across in the BostonStrong<city> runs that were held Monday all over the world! You can read about BostonStrongNYC from ChristineKassandraMichelleTheodora, and Gia.
  • There are many businesses donating proceeds to The One Fund, including: Erica Sara Designs, Adidas, Sparkly Soul Headbands, and Oiselle. Are there others that I can tell people about? Tell me! I’m happy to good gossip about companies.
  • Behind this beautiful Boston Magazine cover.



Hope everyone had a great weekend. Posts may be sporadic as I try to figure out my schedule at the hospital. Safe to say I’ll be plenty busy!

Now go out and run!

Friday Fitness News: Week One Done

We are officially one week into my CRAAAAAAZZZZZZY  eight weeks of summer school and I am officially a study machine. You know those kids who studied every single day in college and didn’t go out for drinks or join the intramural softball team with you? Yeah, I didn’t know those kids either, but they’re all doctors now. I have joined their club.

And I like it.

You know what else I like? My new little .95 mile loop around my apartment. It’s close to home at any given place and mostly flat. Surprise of my life: my new body doesn’t really like downhills. I was maybe also abducted by aliens during my surgery. Aliens who made my body frown at the sight of a decline.

There’s other stuff going on in the world this week besides school and my little 2-mile shuffles. And here it is:

Thank you, Runner’s World, for this little gem.

Ok, guys. Be safe out there in the heat and have a great weekend. Who’s racing? Who’s running? I’m shuffling 🙂 Anybody watching the Olympic Track & Field Trials in Oregon? Good luck to all the athletes!

Now go out and run!


Friday Fitness News: Back With a Bang!

Welcome back to all the fitness news you might have missed this week! It’s been a while, I know. But it’s summertime and we’re all working our hardest to wear the short shorts, skimpy bikinis and muscle T’s. Me? I have worn my bikini once this year and once is all that will happen for me until next summer. I’m fine with that since I’m working on walking more than 15 minutes at a time (go, me!).

But you folks, on the other hand, have already hit the ground running and are sweating it out in the hot summer temperatures to have the best body ever for the July 4th BBQs. Well, here we go, folks. Happy summer!

What did I miss? What races are you running this weekend? If you’re around the city on Saturday and looking for a great way to sweat, pop by the lu-athalon happening at my E. 66th St. lululemon store. It’s going to be awesome! Say hi to my favorite people for me 🙂

Now go out and run!

Friday Fitness News: Spring Break

This week took FOR.EV.ER.

No clue why it took an eternity for Friday to show up. I mean, it was a regular five-day work/school/etc. week. What’s the deal? Who knows? Who cares? IT’S FRIDAY! Aaaaaaaaand I have found a very tempting recipe for homemade Samoas. Seriously.

Spring Break starts today for me. I mean, I have probably the busiest week of my life next week despite the “break” from school. Which reminds me, if there’s anything you love to watch on Netflix, do share. I need almost two days of apartment entertainment for myself and I can’t promise I won’t buy the entire second season of Downton Abbey while starving on Monday and Tuesday. Help!

So what else is going on?


  • Good news for all the pregger runners/gym rats out there! I will carry this article around with me when I am pregnant and people give me judgmental looks as I pass them in Central Park.
  • I’m a “Marathon Diva”, what type of runner are you?
  • I wonder what type Natalia is? I mean, she ran a half-marathon.
  • I’m also TOTALLY a Party Girl. Seriously. Get in on one of these Flywheel Party Rides.
  • GU wants you to track your runs and reward you for doing them. Reward = presents!
  • Know what won’t reward you as much as you think? Crunches.
  • And if they’re right, hard-core exercise (read: not crunches) can alter your DNA.
  • Newsflash of the week: It’s bad news. You might do well to ease up on taking shark cartilage to prevent cancer.
  • Good news: The Olympics will be streamed live. FOR FREE!
  • And here is the recipe for those AH-MAYZING looking Samoa-like cookies. Mmmmmmm.

And that’s all she wrote. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Anybody racing this weekend? Oh, by the by, once again I’d like to congratulate my friend, Dorothy who WON THE B & A MARATHON LAST WEEKEND. Yes, she won it. Way to go, Dorothy. I’m inspired by your awesomeness.

Now go out and run!