The Results Are In

There is so much that I love about giving presents. Some people love getting presents, I love giving them.

So, without further ado and with my deepest thanks to all of you once again for helping me be a VIP Fundraiser on Team Challenge Greater New York at the All State Chicago 13.1 Half Marathon.

VIP Party!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

VIP Party!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

And the winner of the stay at Casa Heavenly in Acapulco, Mexico is….

Sara H.

There is only 1 SARA H. and you will be receiving an email from me in the next 24 hours with the contact information. Congratulations.

Just in case anyone wanted to know how the winners were all chosen:

– Donors were assigned numbers based on order of donation from first to last. There were 847 numbers given out.
– I put the limits in the number generator for the Acapulco trip first so everyone had every chance to win.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 4.54.54 PM

For the rest of the prizes:

– Each prize was assigned a random number by the number generator. If a number came up twice, another one was chosen.

So, congratulations, Sara H.! And congratulations to the rest of the winners of the prizes:

  • 60 min massage: Alicia P.
  • Lululemon Gift Card: Bob S.
  • 1 month Virtual Training with Hot Bird Running: Heidi L.
  • 3 DryBar blowouts: Cherie J.
  • 3 DryBar blowouts: Linda P.
  • BIC headbands: Michele K.
  • Erica Sara gift card: Kat Sherrell
  • Exceed Fitness 5-pack of classes: Beth I.
  • FHitting Room 5-pack of classes: Bevan M.
  • Flywheel Sports 10 class gift card: Hillary D.
  • Great Bowel Movement Tech T-shirts: Jenn S.
  • 1 month of Hot Bird Running training: Heidi L.
  • Oiselle shirts: Jocelyn B.
  • Pedal NYC 5-pack of classes: Sharon P.
  • Picky Bars sample pack: Kathy S.
  • Pilates Pro Works 3-pack of classes: Kelly T.
  • Race Pace Wellness 1 month online coaching: Mike D.
  • Revolve Fitness 5-pack of classes: Leticia M.
  • Same Edelman shoes: Debbie B.
  • Sparkly Soul headband: Karen M.
  • Today’s Miles 5K t-shirt: Paige C., Heather C., Sarah McG., Rachel S., Nicole B., Bernadette C., Christopher R., Sarah C., Christine Y., Kristen C.
  • Uplift Studios 5-pack of classes: Lanae R.
  • Women’s Running Magazine 12-month subscription: Nancy Jones
  • Stella & Dot Party: Elena M.

All of you will be receiving an email from me so I can get you your fabulous prize!

Congratulations to all of you and, again, I cannot thank you enough for your donations, your participation in my Kick Ass 5K, and your support along this journey. Thanks for getting me to the finish line.

"Hey everyone! You guys are awesome, just so you know."

“Hey everyone! You guys are awesome, just so you know.”

You guys rock!

Now go out and run.

Friday Fitness News: Kick Ass 5K

There is no news to report this week except for all of YOU who kicked SO much ass on Tuesday for the Kick Ass Virtual 5K.

Some stats:

  • 1: number of haikus
  • 2: number of siblings (can you spot them?)
  • 3: number of continents covered
  • 4: number of times I cried on 4/9/13 (happy tears)
  • 7: number of miles I covered
  • 8: number of ways people participated in the 5K (crutch, run, walk, bike, elliptical, swim, horseback riding, wheelbarrow–see pic)
  • 20: number of miles covered by another runner
  • 158: number of people who have donated
  • 6830: number of dollars raised ($6930 so far!)

Of course every race needs a commemorative shirt. These little gems will be going on sale in two weeks. 100% of proceeds go to Team Challenge!

I'll probably need one of each.

I’ll probably need one of each.

My sincerest thanks to all who donated and participated.

And now, without further ado, I’d like to present to you the finishers (who sent me their photos!) of the Kick Ass Virtual 5K to benefit the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.

Stacey Kim Hillary Deb Diane.png Jim&Michelle Colleen Chris Youssef2 Christine HaikuKat JenG AshleyB Lauren PPW Tara Elizabeth LaurenC Danielle Sarah Jill&Linda MeganGBM Jackie Becca Lulunatics Cyanne Karen&Paul Karen LaurenM KristinAstoria Jen Michelle Jenny Paige Emily Greg Kat Sandy Gina&Scout NicoleR Lesley&Minion Cassandra ChristineM Heidi 43513AE4-DBE9-4DAF-924D-7C7C5DEC354F KristenC VeggieRunner MelissaB JennyP AmandaS Heather

Did you spot my two siblings? There are also 3 classmates in there, one Lulunatic run club, and several IBD sisters and brothers. Thank you, thank you, thank you all. It was a blast.

Don’t forget to keep your eye out for the t-shirt sale the last week of April! Limited time only. Remember, you can still donate and be entered into the Acapulco trip raffle! Tickets are $20/each–donate here to be entered!

Now go out and run!

Workout Wednesdays: Doubles?

First off, thank you so much to all of you who participated in yesterday’s Virtual Kick Ass 5K! Remember, send me a picture of you and your race bib and you get another entry into the seriously amazing raffle I am hosting.

Today closes the race raffle. From here on out, raffle tickets are $20 per ticket and you donate on my fundraising page. Don’t forget to email me that you donated so I can make sure I get all your information correct in case you win!

Can you picture you and 9 of your friends here? I can.

Can you picture you and 9 of your friends here? I can.

Fitness trends are a dime a dozen, especially here in NYC. Part of the reason I love living in the city is that we get all the best workouts, oftentimes before everyone else. One of the recent trends that has received some attention are doubles.

From a purely physiological standpoint, most doubles are fine. In fact, I’m a big fan. I’ve been known to run to and from the gym or yoga studio and even host BRick workouts with Flywheel.

We ride and then we run!

We ride and then we run!

Two-a-day runs are something I love to do in the summer when it’s too hot to get a lot of morning miles in or I’m busy, busy, busy. I’d actually love to swim outdoors in the summer but outdoor pools are in short supply in midtown.

Here are a few guidelines for doubling up for beginners:

  • One workout should be easy
  • Don’t double back-to-back days
  • Gradually add doubles into your weekly routine
  • Try to break it up to morning & evening workouts, not back-to-back
  • Cancel doubles at any sign of overtraining

I cannot stress enough how quickly these kind of workouts can lead to overtraining. 

Why? Because you fatigue your muscles doing one exercise and then ask them to go and do another. Your body can only do so much. Something’s going to give: your form, your muscles, your strength, your blood sugar, and then you’ll really be in trouble.

Haha. So funny...until this is you.

Haha. So funny…until this is you.


I do NOT recommend doing a weight training/strength training workout the same day as a long run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yoga, bootcamp, weight lifting, pilates, anything! If you are a runner, long run days are sacred. Run, stretch, foam roll, ice, relax. Your body will be too tired and too depleted to have a productive strength training session.

And form is EVERYTHING where gaining strength is concerned.

Don't be this guy(Image courtesy of

You don’t wanna be THIS guy, do you?
(Image courtesy of

By all means, give a double a shot. But listen to your body. If your form is going to pot or you feel lightheaded or nauseous, go home, eat something, and call it a day.

Be smart. Train hard, but be smart about it.

Now go out and run!

Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Crazy

So many of you have already emailed, Tweeted, and Facebooked (did I just make that word up?) me your photos from your Virtual 5K this morning. Keep ’em coming, your photo gets you another raffle entry AND makes me smile.

Ok, they also make me cry a little. But mostly smile.

BIG smiles for such an early hour of the morning!

BIG smiles for such an early hour of the morning!

This has obviously been a HUGE undertaking for me these past few weeks. With finals kicking in, training amping up, and wedding/shower/baby season getting into full swing, this is a Crazy time of year.

I have never shied away from the Crazy. I was, after all, a musical theater major in my first undergraduate career. I think we can all agree that none of us in that program are working with a full deck. But even when things get Crazy in life, I tend to do just fine.

I mean, sometimes I get a little narcoleptic but seriously, who doesn't every now and again?

I mean, sometimes I get a little narcoleptic but seriously, who doesn’t every now and again?

“If you want something done, ask a busy person” ~Lucille Ball

In my world, it would be more like, “If you want something done, ask CRAZY busy Abby.” For better or for worse, I am a girl who operates best when my plate is full overflowing. When life is Crazy, I am at my most efficient.

For some people, Crazy = bad. Crazy = way too much going on. Crazy = stress. Crazy = too much.

(Image courtesy of

(Image courtesy of

For me, Crazy means that I have a lot of amazing things happening in my life.

No matter how much I complain (and whine and cry and whine and cry…) about how Crazy I am with finals, I absolutely cannot WAIT to be a physical therapist so I can practice what I’ve been learning.

Name tag-got it. White coat-ordered. Soooooooooo close (but not really).

Name tag-got it. White coat-ordered. Soooooooooo close (but not really).

No matter how Crazy busy work gets, especially with school and life, I have the best clients who trust me with their fitness and health. I love helping them meet their physical goals.

And when I have 5 weddings and 6 baby showers to go to in 6 months (6 MONTHS!!!) and my weekends are Crazy packed with parties, I am reminded that this is such a beautiful time for my friends and family. New journeys, new life. And parties are fun.

And babies. I LOVE babies.

And babies. I LOVE babies.

No matter how Crazy things get, I try to remind myself that they are all a GOOD Crazy. Life is happening all around and embracing the Crazy is the only way for me to stay positive and happy cuz life isn’t gonna slow down and I don’t plan on slowing down either.

And isn’t that a better way to go through life? Happy, positive, and grateful for the Crazy. Way better than the alternative, right?

Now go out and run.

(And don’t forget to send me your pictures from your 5K today!)

A Little Extra Something

Yesterday’s track workout with Birdie kicked my butt. She was doing ladders, I was doing stair-step repeats. We were both sprinting at breakneck pace all over the track. And man, oh man!, was it COLD out there.

It seems that I can’t do a track workout without it being #1. FREEZING and #2. WINDY. What is the deal? I know it’s on the East River but it’s not like it’s on the Atlantic Ocean. Gimme a break.

Deceivingly beautiful view. Don't be fooled. It's cold as hell and windy to boot.

Deceivingly beautiful view. Don’t be fooled. It’s cold as hell and windy to boot.

But we still gave our workouts our all and powered through, dry heaves and all. That workout is exactly why I was a lousy track runner: distances less than 15K are not for me.

The one thing I do like about running on a track is the home stretch. Finishing on a 100 meter straightaway is one of my favorite places to give that little extra something. I run a little harder (or not, maybe I’m just maintaing pace at that point–who knows?), I push a little more. I love that finish line.

Cookie Monster knows what I'm talking about.

Cookie Monster knows what I’m talking about.

I have a harder time giving a little extra something in the gym. All I can think about is doing too much and hurting myself. It happened in spin class once and I ended up with a really angry TFL.

So I tend to steadily increase my weight and difficulty of exercises. In my professional opinion, this is a much safer way to go for more difficult, strenuous actions.

Me and my 20s are BFFs. Outside of leg and back work, these bad boys are all I really need.

Me and my 20s are BFFs. Outside of leg and back work, these bad boys are all I really need.

I’m SO EXCITED to share with you a very special person and family friend who gave a little extra something to add to the already awesome raffle prize pool. Are you ready? Hold onto your hats!!!

**7 night stay for 10 people in a beautiful villa in Acapulco, Mexico**

You could be here. You and NINE OF YOUR FRIENDS!

You could be here. You and NINE OF YOUR FRIENDS!

Your own 5-bedroom villa in Acapulco for a week, including:

  • 20,000 sq. ft. of luxury overlooking Acapulco Bay
  • 5 air-conditioned bedrooms, each with en suite bathroom
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Breathtaking gardens with waterfall
  • A full-time staff of 4

(Flights and transportation are not included)

I’m totally serious. This is something you can win and here’s how you can get more raffle opportunities:

  1. $15 donation gets you one entry and a race bib for the Kick Ass 5K, every additional $10 gets you another entry (don’t forget to email me that you donated!).
  2. If you’re already registered, each additional $10 gets you another entry.
  3. Sharing the Kick Ass 5K on your blog or Twitter gets you another entry (don’t forget to send me the link so I can credit you!)
  4. Sending me a picture of you wearing your race bib on race day (April 9th) gets you another race entry.
  5. Donate to my fundraising page, no need to participate in the 5K.

A couple of things:

  • The raffle will close on Friday, June 7th at noon. Only donations up to that point will be considered to be entered into the raffle.
  • The raffle winners will be announced the week of June 9th (when I get back from the race).
  • Winers will be contacted via the email you give to when you donated.
  • Winners will have ONE WEEK to respond to me to claim their prize. After that, another winner will be chosen.

Phew. Things just got real, y’all. Help me meet my $20,000 goal. Viva la Mexico!

Now go out and run!