Friday Fitness News: Week One Done

We are officially one week into my CRAAAAAAZZZZZZY  eight weeks of summer school and I am officially a study machine. You know those kids who studied every single day in college and didn’t go out for drinks or join the intramural softball team with you? Yeah, I didn’t know those kids either, but they’re all doctors now. I have joined their club.

And I like it.

You know what else I like? My new little .95 mile loop around my apartment. It’s close to home at any given place and mostly flat. Surprise of my life: my new body doesn’t really like downhills. I was maybe also abducted by aliens during my surgery. Aliens who made my body frown at the sight of a decline.

There’s other stuff going on in the world this week besides school and my little 2-mile shuffles. And here it is:

Thank you, Runner’s World, for this little gem.

Ok, guys. Be safe out there in the heat and have a great weekend. Who’s racing? Who’s running? I’m shuffling 🙂 Anybody watching the Olympic Track & Field Trials in Oregon? Good luck to all the athletes!

Now go out and run!