One Family At A Time

It’s hard to look at the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

Just one picture of the devastation on Staten Island

It’s always heartbreaking when people lose their homes and loved ones as in Katrina and 9/11. And Sandy is no different.

The marathon didn’t happen. You can read everyone’s opinions and reasons elsewhere because I’m tired of talking about it. What I want to acknowledge are the approximately 1,000 runner volunteers who took the train and ferry to Staten Island bright and early on Marathon Sunday (many in their organe marathon shirts) to go door-to-door on their feet with supplies, helping hands, and open hearts.

I couldn’t be there with my fellow runner volunteers (recovery + fever = stay home, dummy). But I did what I could to share the story on Twitter with news outlets and show everyone what these people were doing and how they, too, could help.

Lending a hand wherever they could.

Going on foot with only the supplies they could carry and a willingness to help.

Brings tears to my eyes.

This is how runners do it. I can attest to having fallen during a race (Philly Marathon ’11) and being picked up immediately by three large male runners before I knew I was on the ground. We pick each other up, it’s just the way we role.

But this is just the beginning.

And my friend Jen lost everything.

We’re runners, so naturally all of our meet-ups revolve around food. Jen is directly above me on the top right.

Jen is a runner. She was supposed to be running the marathon on Sunday. Instead, she and her husband were sifting through the wreckage of their home on Staten Island for whatever was left to salvage. It’s not much. They lost everything. They have two small children (boy, age 7 & girl age 2 going on 3) and no home, no belongings, no clothes, no nothing.

I can’t rebuild houses. I can’t physically help people clean up. I can’t run and raise money at the moment. But I can help Jen’s family.

And so can you.

One family at a time, we can help.

Jen, Pedro, & their beautiful family.

So, I’m asking my Run Stronger Every Day community to help. There are a lot of ways you can help Jen’s family.

  1. You can donate directly to Jen’s family.
  2. You can buy something on the Target registry Ashley created to help Jen & Pedro rebuild their home.
  3. If you are in NYC, you can drop linens, kitchen supplies, household supplies, and clothes at my apartment until Tuesday (tomorrow) night. A car is going down on Wednesday with what we collect. Email me: for details and sizes.

One family at a time, we will rebuild after Sandy. Do what you can. Give what you can of your time, talent, and resources.

There is also an amazing giveaway goin

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time for so many. JB and I are lucky that we have our home and each other and we will never forget that.

Now go out and run!

(And give your family and friends a hug while you’re at it)


Pay It Forward

Confession: I have a lot of workout clothes.

A girl needs a variety of colors.

Shocker, I know.

I bet you do, too.

You might expect this from me since I work out a lot, am a personal trainer (aka it’s my job to wear workout clothes) and a lululemon Ambassador. I mean, if I worked at Vogue you would expect to find Christian Louboutins and Marc Jacobs in my closet, right? Right.

Not that I would mind wearing that stuff…


Being a lululemon Ambassador means I am free to come up with ideas for our community and get the full support of the company to execute whatever hair-brained activity I come up with. This has led to some seriously fun activities with my fellow Ambassadors and lulu friends city-wide.

Remember my BRick workout with fellow Ambassador Aleah

1 45 minute spin class. 1 5K run. 2 Ambassadors. 45 BRickers. Awesome.

and how I rode a spin bike in the middle of Madison Avenue on the same day?

Yep. We had a spin class on Madison Avenue. Just another day in NYC!

And then there’s the fabulous Sports Bra Challenge dreamed up by my lovely Ambassador friend Jenny Gaither.

The sky’s the limit with us and we love giving back to our community!

My store is at it again! The E. 66th St. lululemon athletica, inspired by Ambassador and yoga instructor extraordinaire Lauren Harris, is proud to present our very first Workout Clothing Drive! From July 1st-August 1st, we will be collecting gently used workout clothes of all brands, sizes and colors.

Let’s be real, that sweat-ring stained yellow-when-it-used-to-be-white t-shirt is not what we’re after, but those shorts that are in good shape (but maybe are too big for you ‘cuz you lost those 10 pounds–hooray!) are exactly what we want!

Our team ♥s to sweat and bring sweat opportunities to YOU!

For an entire month, we will be collecting these clothing items at the E. 66th St. lululemon store on 3rd Ave. in NYC. The clothes will be assessed, washed and then donated to the Lineage Project.

The Lineage Project is a non-profit organization that brings yoga and meditation to at-risk youth in New York City’s detention centers and alternative-to-incarceration centers.

“I think meditation is a good way to relieve stress. Before I started taking the class I would have a lot of problems because of my temper. But, now I can control my temper thanks to the yoga class. When I first started taking the class, I didn’t like to go. Now I look forward to my Thursday meditation. Speaking from my experience, I think meditation can help a lot of uptight people if they give it a try.”


If you are somewhere else in the country/world and you would like to send your clothes to the drive (before August 1st), please email me: runstrongereveryday<at>gmail<dot>com and I will send you the shipping information to make this happen. The USPS has these great Flat Rate boxes that you can stuff full of clothes and still only pay $11.35 to send a Medium box or $15.49 for a Large box.

How many pairs of shorts can YOU fit in a box and send to us?

I think back to when I was wearing hideously uncomfortable cotton gym clothes, made for boys and not girls, that made working out torture even though it’s all I wanted to do. I think of how many miles I didn’t run, how many poses I didn’t try because my clothes were uncomfortable or didn’t fit quite right or held onto so much of my sweat that my tank top would sag around my knees mid-class.

Everyone who wants to change their life with fitness deserves to have clothes that will help them do just that.

These kids need an alternative to what their life is now. Help me make it a little bit more comfortable for them to give yoga a try.

Yoga for everyone! Workout clothes for everyone!

I want your old gym clothes. GIVE ME YOUR CLOTHES. Especially you MEN out there. Don’t be shy. We need all shapes and sizes. Bring it on.

Now go out and run!