Things I Dig

Every now and again I come across something that I absolutely cannot believe I’ve been living without and refuse to ever let go. My iPhone is one. My Dior Show mascara is another. Don’t judge. It makes me look far more awake than I usually am.

I have a reeeeeally hard time investing in new gear but when I find something I love, I fall hard and I fall fast. And I tell everyone. And now I’m telling you.

These days I am loving a things mostly related to running. Shocker.

Saucony Kinvara 3

I wanted a lighter, speedier shoe and I found that Saucony Kinvaras are my jam.

I wanted a lighter, speedier shoe and I found that Saucony Kinvaras are my jam. And the color cannot be beat.

I love a lighter shoe. I don’t have foot problems so I don’t need any motion control or extra cushioning. I have my run-of-the-mill medium arch insoles, nothing special. These Kinvaras make me feel fast.

Morning Runs

The first light of day.

The first light of day.

Who knew I could get used to waking up and running out the door before dawn? Sometimes I get up but don’t get out. Win some, lose some.

Fresh Teal 



This is our lululemon Team Lunatics color for the New Jersey Half/Full Marathon, by popular vote: Fresh Teal. We will look very pretty and very spring-y crossing the finish line on the Jersey Shore!

Oakley Women’s Urgency Sunglasses

Do these sunglasses make me look fast?

Do these sunglasses make me look fast?

They’re cute, they’re comfy, and I love them.

Foam Roller

So cliche.

So cliche.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone loves the foam roller. For me, it’s a post-run must given that my legs have been feeling like rocks after workouts. Ouch.

Name Tags

What's that I see? My hospital name tag. Yeah, baby!

What’s that I see? My hospital name tag. Yeah, baby!

What can I say? I still get kinda giddy about forward motion where my PT career is concerned. Nerd.



Always this.

What’s new in your world that you love? Tell me what my new obsession should be. Well, besides the fabulous trip to Acapulco that you could win by participating in my Kick Ass 5K on Tuesday.

Now go out and run!

PS. Aside from my Ambassadorship with lululemon, I was not compensated for this post. Though, I wouldn’t be angry if Saucony wanted to send me those Kinvara 4s that everyone else got this week…(hint, hint).

Winter Running

This time of year is probably my 2nd favorite time of year to run. First place is always Fall. 50°. Shorts. Long sleeve shirt. Love.

Fall in New York is just the best.

Winter running is awesome because I don’t sweat like a beast and I can run in the middle of the afternoon instead of the crack of dawn. Yay!

If you’re not dressed to run in the Winter, it can be a miserable experience.


Cold days + wrong gear = treadmill

For my 34° (feels like 29°) run in Central Park this morning, I was a tad overdressed but here’s what I wore:

LONG TIGHTS! It’s getting cold out there.

I’m wearing: Saucony tights (they don’t make them anymore, but these are close) and everything else is lululemon. Why? I have yet to fall in love with a pair of lululemon winter running tights. Don’t worry. They’re working on it.

My jacket is not available now, but the Run: Nuthin’ But Run Jacket and I threw the Run: Swiftly 1/2 Zip Long Sleeve on underneath.


I love a 1/2 zip anything. I get hot when I run but reserve the right to get chilled by a brisk wind all of the sudden. The half-zip keeps me running through all seasons. Love this.

I have a secret. I always wear a tank top underneath. Why? Isn’t that too much? Here’s the hard, fast truth.

The Cool Racerback is long enough to cover my lower back and upper butt and that is my key to staying warm. One good gust blowing up my back or down my bottom and I’m getting in a cab.

CRBs 4-eva!

So, yeah. I like to be cozy. This morning, I could have replaced the long-sleeve 1/2 zip with a short sleeve and been plenty comfortable.

My favorite gloves (until that cold air starts blowing down from Canada) are the Brisk: Run Gloves:

Easy access to my iPod or iPhone. Me likey.

And then the Brisk: Run Headband, which is the best way to display a pop of fun color on your run, especially if you’re running in the dark!

As the weather gets colder, I don’t necessarily add layers, but I change them. Always a moisture-wicking first layer, but I may opt for one of the new fancy-schmancy jackets lulu has right now. Stay tuned for that review! More is not always better, sometimes you just need a warmer single layer.

Dear Santa,
I want this.

So, there you have it. Now you’re dressed and ready to go out in the cold and run your butts off. Hey, who will I see at the NYC Runs Hot Chocolate 5K/10K on December 16th? I’ll probably try to wear my brightest lulu so my husband can spot me (he misses me pretty regularly, I have no idea how).

Congratulations to the HUNDREDS of you who PR’d this weekend in Philly. Can’t wait to read all the roundups.

What are your go-to cold weather pieces? Am I missing something awesome? Tell me!

Now go out and run!

Ode To My Headphones

As you well know, I have been logging my mileage exclusively on the treadmill (not so much a choice as a necessity, don’t hate). I miss running outside for so many reasons, not the least of which is because I don’t require headphones when I’m pounding through Central Park or the East River or along the Hudson. It’s so lovely to just be outside and take in my surroundings on a run.

Treadmill running is an entirely different beast. I NEED music. I will go CRAZY without it. Easy solution, my trusty little iPod.

Very necessary.

Major problem: I am a SWEATY BEAST on the treadmills. Like, sweat goes everywhere-my treadmill, my neighbors’ treadmills. Seriously, I warn people getting on next to me that they might become victims of flying sweat, should they choose to run next to me. Consider yourself warned!

11 miles later. Sweaty. Girl.

Problem? Earphones fall out when I start to sweat. I started with the ones that come with the iPod. Yeah, total fail and everyone in the world can hear what I’m listening to as well. I’m kind of a private person at the gym. Second option? Earbuds. They worked until the sweat started dripping. Then, total fail. Really, really annoying to be all like, “Wow! They’re working!” until mile 6 and then it’s, “Stupid *%$#-ing headphones, STAY IN MY EARS!”

Solution? My Bose heaphones.

They may look a little funny, but they are tiny miracles for your ears.

I borrowed a pair from my friend for the Jersey Marathon and will be forever grateful that I did. Not only did I desperately need my music during that marathon, but it was indeed a warm day and no other headphones would have made it through those 26.2 miles with me. They didn’t slip. They didn’t hurt. They didn’t get all hot and burn the inside of my little ears. I fell in love right then and there.

I might be smiling because my headphones are awesome. Or because it's the last mile of a marathon. You know, either one.

They also helped keep me motivated during the Philly Marathon.

All geared up and ready for Philly!

No, Bose didn’t pay me to write this. No one pays me to write (but they should…) about awesome gear. I am just one runner in search of my perfect tools and tricks to get through 26.2 and every other distance feeling great. Bad headphones can really get my blood boiling during a run. No more! Yes, they’re pricey. But, as with anything you use often that brings you comfort and joy, it’s totally worth the investment.

Now, if only someone could make a water bottle that is weightless, even when full of water. Get on that, scientists!

Now go out and run!

First Giveaway Day!

So, yesterday was an epic fail of a day thanks to Benadryl and my rumbly tummy. Not today! Today is productive and awesome.

Case in point: today is Run Stronger Every Day‘s first ever Giveaway Day!

If you don’t already know by now, I love running gear. And when I love something, I love to good gossip about it. I mean, my brother told me he was coming to NYC and I immediately made him an appointment with Dr. Shure for while he’s here. Just a little family bonding over some realignment. You know, normal stuff.

Sparkling first thing in the morning!

Anyway, something new that I love is Sparkly Soul headbands. I love them so much I bought one for Mrs. Obi-wan and we sported ours at the gym together while I was in Colorado over break. We looked fabulous, if I do say so myself, and they seriously don’t move. Today’s giveaway is in honor of Mrs. Obi-wan and how she brings Sparkle to my Soul.

So, this giveaway is actually a giveaway in that you are nominating someone else to win a Sparkly Soul headband. In order to nominate someone, you must do the following:

  1. Tell me about the person who brings Sparkle to your Soul in the comments section of this post. This is the person who will win the headband for being such a Sparkling inspiration to you (so if you want to be nominated, ask a friend to enter you).
  2. Either subscribe to my blog or follow me on Twitter and then email me at to tell me you’ve done so (if you already do both, retweet this link and mention my handle in the tweet).

Example, if I wanted to nominate my Mom to win the headband, I would write this:

My Mom: the Sparkle you bring to my Soul is unlike any other. Thank you for believing in me, for cheering me on, for pushing me and for teaching me to fight like hell for what I want, what I love and what I believe in. You are an inspiration to me.

The contest starts today and goes until next Thursday (2/9/12) at midnight EST. You MUST complete both #1 & #2 to be entered in the contest. The winner will win a Sparkly Soul headband (choice of color and style, of course) and will be announced on Friday, February 10th so be sure to check back to see who won!

So many colors! Which will you choose?

I can’t wait to read all about the people who inspire you and add Sparkle to your life! Don’t forget to tell them you’ve nominated them so they can read about how fabulous they are on the Internet 🙂

Now go out and run!

Winter Accessories & Mulligan

Today was supposed to be my first video blog, complete with exercises. Guys, it was bad. I mean, like, embarrassingly, horrifyingly BAD. I will try again tomorrow. I also didn’t get to make this amazingness tonight because the post office was a zoo. Damn. *sigh* Tomorrow is another day. Instead, let’s talk more about winter running!

I was sprinting up and down First Avenue on the very lovely 38th St. to 42nd St. hill this morning and loving every single minute of it. The Runner’s World Holiday Streak is alive and well with me! I thought about all the runners who have turned in their sneakers since having completed whatever race they ran this Fall and how sad I was for them that they’d not be experiencing the joy of running in the cold, crisp air of winter because they’re afraid of being cold. My New Yorkers feel me on this (and my Chicagoans even more!): winter running is AWESOME!

I plan on giving a step-by-step of how to prepare for the cold as the winter gets on, but for now let’s start with the basics. Accessories!

#1. Gloves!

Fancy-schmancy, high-tech little things!

These lululemon Run: Brisk gloves are perfect for right now. They’re light but give just the right amount of warmth until we dip into the freezing temperatures and have to bring out the big guns. Bonus: they have these awesome tech-y tabs on the thumb and forefinger so you can use all your gadgets without having to take off your gloves. So cool. They go fast, so look for them in your local store. The arctic run gloves are a warmer option that also have the tab-y things.

#2. Neck warmer (Is there a better name for this?)

No need for a zip-up with this little gem!

So, not all of my tops have a zip-up over the neck and I really like my neck to be warm when I’m out in the wintertime. Hello neck warmer! The drawstring allows me to tighten it over my neck so none of that cool East River breeze sends chills down my back. It’s also long enough to be pulled up over my mouth and nose for those REALLY cold runs. I got this last year from “Santa” from lululemon and haven’t seen another one since, but Under Armour makes these.

#3. A great hat

Mmmmm...toasty warm.

I don’t generally break out the hats until about mid-January. I’m a ear-warmer girl til then. But when I do, I bring out the big guns. This Under Armour beanie is lined with a moisture-wicking layer (because we all know what a sweaty beast I am) but then has a super-cute and super-warm knit top layer that has NEVER failed to keep my head toasty warm on even the coldest of runs. It’s awesome.

These three things will make or break your winter running season. Invest wisely in good, quality items and you will be that “crazy runner” blazing through the wintery streets and loving every minute of it.

Now go out and run!