3 Ways to Survive Winter Running

I like running in cool weather. In Colorado, where I lived for 7 years, the air is cool and the sun is warm and I’m a happy girl.

Disgusting place to run, huh?

Disgusting place to run, huh?

In New York, how do I put this? There’s a lot less sun and a lot more frickin freezing cool air.



On days like yesterday when the temperature is 22, feels like 12 with 22 mph wind gusts, it’s hard to go out and run. Especially if you’re kinda “eh” about running at the moment. So what are sure-fire ways to get your buns out there on the frozen pavement?

  1. Go with a friend. Birdie and I chatted through 5 miles yesterday and it made a WORLD of difference. She is one of 2 reasons I will run through this winter. The other is pure vanity, I’ll admit it.
  2. Run to food. Most breakfast places in the ‘burbs don’t care if you’re in run clothes and I know my favorite diner doesn’t judge. If pancakes don’t motivate you, I don’t know what will.
  3. Sign up for a weekend fun run. No pressure, just a few dollars paid might be what you need to get to that weekend morning run or midweek training run.
I draw the line if I need more layers than this.

I draw the line if I need more layers than this.

How do you stay motivated in the cold? Let’s be real, vanity is the primary motivator in my world. There, I’ve said it twice so you don’t have to feel shy about it. Friends, food, and races are a bonus.

Now go out and run!

When To Do A Wednesday Workout

I wasn’t sure I was going to get to run today because of school stuff. Turns out, I did get to run and OH MY GOD IT WAS FREEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZING!

Oh. Hell. No.

Oh. Hell. No.

In reality, I was fine…except for my face…and my brain. My friend and I tried to have a chat in between sets and I was legitimately out of it.

Brain freeze.

So, Wednesday workout are fun. Hard track workouts = fast Abby! (I hope. Eeeek! Fingers crossed)

My track is on the river, ergo there is ALWAYS a headwind. Oh yay.

My track is on the river, ergo there is ALWAYS a headwind. Oh yay.

Nice view. Ice cold, though.

I set out to do 10 x 400s but only managed to do 8 of them with an 800 jog to get the full mileage for the day. Holy hard.

Mid-week workouts are a great because they’re far enough away from long runs to have fresh legs and enough time to recover from the hard workout in time for another long run that upcoming weekend.

I find (and sciences shows) that speedy workouts make me a stronger distance runner. And I like to feel strong when I’m running distance.

Long runners kick butt!

Long runners kick butt!

400s, 800s, and mile repeats are the favorite workouts of distance runners. Ha, maybe “favorite” is more accurate. We are not doing these workouts to win 5Ks, rather to win our half and full marathons.

My friends win races. I feel cooler just knowing and sometimes getting to run alongside them. I am also their #1 cheerleader in volume and enthusiasm. Ask anyone.

What was your Workout Wednesday, or is Wednesday not your workout day? Did you hit the roads in the frigid temps or stay indoors on the treadmill? I treadmilled yesterday and feel exactly zero runner’s guilt about it. I like the treadmill. Do you? Are we still friends if I’m not an outdoor running purist? Please say yes!

Now go out and run.