Friday Fitness News: The Dog Didn’t get $15M

Happy, happy Friday! I don’t know why, but this weekend couldn’t come fast enough for me. I’m ready to relax and spend time with JB–he is currently addicted to Flywheel Sports just like me. So awesome. He kills it on every ride. 400+ on the Torque Board last night. What?!

Do you cross train on the bike? It’s my personal favorite. That and doing a HIIT in the gym. Love it. Anyway, here’s what’s going on in the Fitness World this week:


I’m off to enjoy my weekend. I hope you are doing the same right now. See you next week.

Oh, and mark your calendars for the Star-Studded Total Body Tune Up hosted by me and my team over at the E. 66th St. lululemon and featuring the magic of Dr. Shure from Madison Square Wellness and our favorite yogi, Lara Benusis. Get all fixed up for racing season with us!

Now go out and run!

First Giveaway Day!

So, yesterday was an epic fail of a day thanks to Benadryl and my rumbly tummy. Not today! Today is productive and awesome.

Case in point: today is Run Stronger Every Day‘s first ever Giveaway Day!

If you don’t already know by now, I love running gear. And when I love something, I love to good gossip about it. I mean, my brother told me he was coming to NYC and I immediately made him an appointment with Dr. Shure for while he’s here. Just a little family bonding over some realignment. You know, normal stuff.

Sparkling first thing in the morning!

Anyway, something new that I love is Sparkly Soul headbands. I love them so much I bought one for Mrs. Obi-wan and we sported ours at the gym together while I was in Colorado over break. We looked fabulous, if I do say so myself, and they seriously don’t move. Today’s giveaway is in honor of Mrs. Obi-wan and how she brings Sparkle to my Soul.

So, this giveaway is actually a giveaway in that you are nominating someone else to win a Sparkly Soul headband. In order to nominate someone, you must do the following:

  1. Tell me about the person who brings Sparkle to your Soul in the comments section of this post. This is the person who will win the headband for being such a Sparkling inspiration to you (so if you want to be nominated, ask a friend to enter you).
  2. Either subscribe to my blog or follow me on Twitter and then email me at to tell me you’ve done so (if you already do both, retweet this link and mention my handle in the tweet).

Example, if I wanted to nominate my Mom to win the headband, I would write this:

My Mom: the Sparkle you bring to my Soul is unlike any other. Thank you for believing in me, for cheering me on, for pushing me and for teaching me to fight like hell for what I want, what I love and what I believe in. You are an inspiration to me.

The contest starts today and goes until next Thursday (2/9/12) at midnight EST. You MUST complete both #1 & #2 to be entered in the contest. The winner will win a Sparkly Soul headband (choice of color and style, of course) and will be announced on Friday, February 10th so be sure to check back to see who won!

So many colors! Which will you choose?

I can’t wait to read all about the people who inspire you and add Sparkle to your life! Don’t forget to tell them you’ve nominated them so they can read about how fabulous they are on the Internet 🙂

Now go out and run!

Good Gossip

Congratulations to all of my runner friends and Team Challenge family who completed the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon and Half-Marathon on the Vegas strip last night! I hear it was a great race (unlike the Hot Chocolate 15K and 5k in D.C.–wow, what a disaster!) and Team Challenge raised over 4 million dollars for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

You do remember that it’s still Crohn’s and Colitis Awarenss Week, right? Get informed, write to your congressperson, and hug a C & C patient today!


Two weeks ago, I ran a marathon. Since then, I’ve been running FAST and entirely pain-free. No tightness. Just me and the cool morning road in Central Park. I gotta tell you, I recovered super-fast from the Philly Marathon. I think there were a few reasons for this:

#1. I cross-trained like a crazy person and stuck to my running schedule. No more, no less.

#2. It was my 9th marathon.

#3. I basically did nothing the week of the marathon.

#4. I walked back to my hotel after the race, which was at least a mile.

#5. Dr. Shure.

First, let me say this: I try a new fitness class/health-related something almost once a week here in New York City. I read about new classes, instructors, businesses and am sometimes invited to partake in free trials and I love that about my job. I don’t write about all of it because it’s not all good. You read about the stuff I love here on the blog but there is plenty that doesn’t land in the “things I recommend” pile and I don’t like to write about those less-than-positive experiences because that’s not what I’m about.

Now, given that disclaimer, #5 needs an explanation.

I was contacted by the folks at Madison Square Chiropractic and Wellness about my blog and my work as a trainer. Dr. Shure invited me to come to his office post-marathon so he could treat whatever aches and pains I had acquired during those 26.2 miles in Philly. It was such a great experience that I want to tell you all about it. Yes, it was complimentary but I would never ever promote something I didn’t find to be beneficial. It’s not how I roll.

Dr. Shure spent about 10 minutes getting to know my history and exercise habits before he evaluated my posture and alignment. He had me plop down on a traction table that moved my body so as to mimic warming up my muscles while he poked around at my tight right-side QL, left-side gluteus medius attachment and both adductors (the places he felt needed releasing, given my verbal and physical evaluation). I felt very safe as he manually released my muscles and stretched them back into alignment. No pain at all.

Unlike so many other chiropractors who push and force your joints and limbs into proper alignment without addressing the muscles that are restricting them, Dr. Shure and I both agreed that the most beneficial way to realign anything is to start with the tight muscles and let the adjustments happen naturally. I have been of this mind regarding alignment for many years now and love that I found a chiropractor who works this way because they are so RARE!

After about 45 minutes, I left his office feeling like a million bucks and had minimal soreness the next day where he had released some muscular adhesions. Best part? I was immediately and completely pain-free, unlike some of my running friends and colleagues who suffered from painful IT bands and lower backs in the week or so following their respective marathons. Sweet!

Seriously, Dr. Shure rocks. I am going back. You should go, too. His involvement with Team In Training and his regular volunteer work at the ING NYC Marathon finish line is just another added bonus to those of you endurance athletes out there. It’s refreshing to speak with a chiropractor who is as passionate about getting and keeping people moving as I am. I’m all about the Good Gossip and this is definitely someone you should ALL be talking about!

If you are going to be an endurance athlete, it is imperative that you find a team of experts you can rely on to keep your body healthy. It’s virtually impossible to do on your own and seeking out these experts: sports medicine doctors, running coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, chiropractors, nutritionists can mean the difference between running for the rest of your life and being sidelined by a stress fracture you just can’t shake. Do a little research and ask around for experts people love. Take good care of your body and it will take good care of you!

Thanks to Dr. Shure and his staff for reaching out and getting me back on my running feet pain-free. You guys rock!

Now go out and run!