Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Life Is Full of Choices

This is the last BTAT before the Philly Marathon, so I thought it fitting that it be about Choices. BTAT was inspired by something Obi-wan says to anyone and everyone, that whatever you/he are going through in life, it still beats the hell out of the alternative (you know, NOT life). So, at least you go that going for you.

One of the other very common Obi-wan-isms is what he has told me, my siblings, our friends, the neighborhood kids and other impressionable youth: Life is Full of Choices. I don’t think I quite grasped this until just a few years ago (I’m slow) but now I get it. It’s all a choice.

Happiness is a choice. Health is a choice. Loving the life you lead is a choice. Loving those around you is a choice. Being ok with who you are is a choice. Appreciating what you have is a choice.

I could choose to get down on myself for not being able to train as much as I wanted to due to my seemingly never-ending flareup, but I’m not going to choose that. I could choose to whine and complain that I have it so hard because I have this chronic disease that makes life challenging for me at times, but I’m not going to choose that. I could choose to take the easy way out and drop out of the marathon before I even try because I’m scared of what might happen in the later miles, but I’m not going to choose that.

Life is Full of Choices. And life is too short to be unhappy with your choices.

I choose to try. I choose to get over it. I choose to move on. I choose to do absolutely everything in my power to have an awesome race and let the chips fall where they may. I choose to run until something stops me or I reach the finish line. I choose to be happy.

There are so many things that are not up to us to decide, so many things out of our control. Why not take charge of the things that are IN your control and make your life amazing? Have the life you’ve always wanted. Choose it. Makes steps to achieving it.

Remember, the Choice is yours and no one else’s. Choice is a powerful gift. Use it.

Life is Full of Choices and that’s why it’s so much better to be here than there. Happy Better Than the Alternative Tuesday, everybody.

Now go out and run!

Better Than The Alternative Tuesdays: YES people

Welcome back from the weekend, everyone! My, my, my and what a weekend it was. The Chicago Marathon happened. One fatality and one baby born. Circle of Life, I suppose.

(I swear, if I ever catch any woman I know running a marathon while 39 weeks pregnant, I will wait til she is pregnant no longer and then read her the riot act of exactly why that was a really, really bad idea. Not running in general, but running a marathon! Ladies, you’ve been warned.)

Several people I know ran the Army 10-miler in D.C. and there were lots of other races (all of which I can’t seem to remember right now) going on all over the country this weekend. Congratulations to all the runners who rocked the roads (and trails!).

If you’re new to Run Stronger Every Day, Tuesdays are always titled “Better Than The Alternative Tuesdays” and here’s why. Obi-wan (my Dad) is famous for responding to others complaints about life and general bitching and moaning with the phrase, “It beats the alternative/It’s better than the alternative” meaning, yeah, it sucks but it’s better than not being here at all. I’ve taken that and made it a theme for Tuesdays. Because life really is good, for the most part, and reminding ourselves of that is important.

This week’s BTAT them is YES people.

I have recently made the switch in my life to surround myself with more YES people and it has absolutely changed my whole outlook on things. I’m not talking the people who blow sunshine where it ought not shine. No sir. I live in the real world.

I’m talking about the lovely people who, when I say I want to host a BRICK workout say, “YES, let’s do it.” The people who, when I say I want to go back to school for my PhD in physical therapy say, “YES. That’s perfect for you. Let’s figure out how.” The people who, when share one of my BHAGs with them, they say, “YES. That’s a fantastic goal for you.” The people who, when I say I want to put together a team for the Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure and get t-shirts for our team  in one week say, “YES. We can help.” (Hooray for Custom Ink)

Aren't our shirts cute?? Big thanks to Custom Ink for all their amazing efforts!

The YES people don’t see problems, only possibilities (I may have just stolen that quote from someone because it sounds awfully familiar. If you know whom I can credit for that, please shout it out). I am trying my hardest to become one of those YES people but until I  master that, I am thrilled to be surrounded by them. It’s just so much better than hearing the negativity and hurtful gossip and constant complaining all. the. time. YES people are do-ers and I love nothing more than to be busy do-ing.

So, thank you to all the YES people in my life. The people who don’t pigeonhole me, judge me, put me down or tell me it’s going to be too hard and I should try something else. You wonderful people build me up, make me believe in myself and inspire me to “ABSOLUTELY, YES!” try new things every single day. These people are the reason why it’s so much better to be here than there. Thank you, YES people.

Who are the YES people in your life? Or do you need more YES people in your life…? Tell me all about it in the comments.

Now go out and run!