Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: The Swing of Things

I hate being back at school. This is not a confession because it is not a secret.

I have been in school every single semester since January 2009. I won’t be done til August 2015. That’s six years of school, people. Shoot. Me. Now. This is my last full didactic year and now I have my little guy at home soooooooo…

The way I prefer to spend my days.

The way I prefer to spend my days.

…I hate being back at school.

This is a great start to a BTAT post, isn’t it?

I’ll get to the “better” part now.

I work well on a schedule. I’m lucky enough to work in a profession that requires appointments for specified amounts of time. Being back in the swing of things this semester is helpful for me. I know (mostly) what my days will be like, when I’ll be home, and how much longer I have til I’m done!

Let the countdown begin.

Let the countdown begin.

Getting in the swing of things means I’m ONE YEAR away from being done.

Getting into the swing of things means I’m ONE YEAR away from spending eight weeks at the place I’ve wanted to do a rotation at since I started this journey in school.

Getting into the swing of things means I do get back to talking nerd talk with other nerds in my field.

Getting into the swing of things means (hopefully) learning more.

See? It’s not all bad. Getting into the swing of things can be Better than the Alternative. Onward!

Now go out and run.

Oh, Hi There

I know, I know. Long time no write.

It’s been a very eventful year for me and I just couldn’t find the time, energy, or right way to write about what I was doing.

Let me start at the beginning of the end of my blogging.

One year ago, my husband and I were lucky enough to find out I was pregnant. So exciting! I ran the Hamptons Half instead of full marathon (more on this in a later post) and promptly put my Garmin away for an undetermined amount of time.

Last race for a loooooong time.

3 weeks pregnant finishing my half. Last race for a loooooong time.

My Garmin is still currently collecting dust next to my computer. Uncharged.

I kept my pregnancy very quiet for a very long time. I felt so lucky to have it happen at all that I didn’t want to jinx us by shouting it from the rooftops. There’s no logic there, I know.

So I vowed to keep it off the interwebs for 10 months. And I did. But in doing so, I struggled with separating being pregnant and running (or not running) and working out and writing about running. I’m sure that says something about my ability to compartmentalize and separate myself emotionally from my work. Someone who is in psychology, please let me know what my damage is.

9 months, 2 weeks pregnant. Yeah, I wasn't running.

9 months, 2 weeks pregnant. Yeah, I wasn’t running.

On top of that, I was in hell where school was concerned and, you know, pregnant. I didn’t have time to blog. And I had no intention of spending my precious free time doing something other than putting my tired feet up.

There were a lot of other things happening last year that placed blogging off the stove (not even on a back burner) so I think it was the very best move for me to take a step back.

But now I’m back. With a baby.

I’m going to try to keep this blog about running and training and very gender neutral. I’m a mom and a runner but this is not a mommy running blog. That’s just not my style.

We totally ran Summer Streets and LOVED it.

We totally ran Summer Streets and LOVED it.

I’ll share more about running/strength training/rehabbing from pregnancy but it will absolutely relate to every single one of you runners. I guarantee that the strength training I have to do now would benefit all of you out there. Cuz we all have weak cores and lazy glutes. We’re runners, that’s just how it goes.

That’s my story. I’m happy to be back blogging cuz I have so many cool things I want to share with all of you! The very coolest being that my son is awesome and the light of our lives. The other cool stuff will hopefully make you a better runner.

See you out on the road.

Now go out and run.

Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Little Things

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! I am not really a celebrator of Valentine’s Day, save for a card and a heart-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (favorite candy) for JB.


For me, every day is about the Little Things we do for one another. A text message saying hello. Coming home to dinner already made (or in my case, ordered). Someone holding the door for you at Starbucks. The doorman guessing your age and thinking you are 10 years younger. A phone call from a friend. Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be a four course meal and flowers that cost 20% more just because it’s Valentine’s Day (I mean, if that’s your thing then that’s your thing and I hope you have a great day!). It can be the Little Things.

I don’t need flowers and dinner and all that stuff, just a card. I love cards.

Clearly, my love of cards is keeping Papyrus in business.

I love that the first song on my iPod today as I started my strength training workout at the gym this morning was one of my favorites.

The Boss and the Big Man. Nothing better.

I love that Reno and Blondie know me well enough to send me the cutest video of my sweet baby niece wearing her little bear outfit that I bought her. I have watched it probably a dozen times and downloaded it to my phone so I can watch it whenever I need a good hearty laugh and a smile. She’s dancing and smiling and being the cutest baby EVER. I won’t share the video ‘cuz, you know, she needs a little anonymity, but I will share something equally cute. A duck.

It’s the Little Things, you know? Thoughtful. Personal. Everyday things matter so much more than a gigantic Valentine’s Day thing.

Do you notice the Little Things that people do for you? A runner who smiles or says “good morning”‘ to you as you pass each other on the road. A friendly smile at the grocery checkout. Did you thank the person who held the door while you were walking through at Starbucks or your office this morning? Do you say hello to the security guard who has the BEST attitude every time you see him?

Little Things are all around us. We are all capable of doing Little Things for others. Whether or not you choose to acknowledge others’ efforts or make them yourself is up to you.

I kinda feel that if you try a little of both you will just be a happier you. Just try. ‘Cuz those Little Things make today way Better Than the Alternative.

What are your favorite Little Things? Are you doing anything special for Valentine’s Day? Tell me all about it.

Now go out and run!