Friday Fitness News: Dump

I’ve been slacking on my Friday Fitness posts. Partly because they’re pretty time consuming, partly because I’m too busy enjoying my Fridays to sit down and write a post. That will probably change pretty soon since I’ll be sitting a whole lot more when school starts.

On a cheerier note, happy Labor Day long weekend, everyone! I hope you’re all at the beach, attending a clambake, wearing your best summer whites right now.

Before and After. (Image courtesy of Andrew Dixon and Huffington Post)

Before and After.
(Image courtesy of Andrew Dixon and Huffington Post)

Sheep Meadow looking very fine this Fall day!

I love to run in the Fall!

  • I will be attempting to make my own energy “gels” this weekend. I just can’t find one pre-made that doesn’t taste like liquid candy. Yuck.
  • A fascinating article on why we love certain doctors and not others.
  • GB and Aleah have started blogs. You should follow them: GB for all things sweaty in NYC, Aleah for the best jams to pump you up.
My buddies.

My buddies.
(Images shamelessly stolen from their blogs)

In a totally unrelated category, you can support a seriously awesome company that makes undergarments for ostomates, Awestomy!. It’s really hard to find the right apparel to support an ostomy and I encourage those of you who followed my 5-month ostomy journey to consider supporting their Kickstarter campaign. I did!

Everyone wants to feel good about how they look, even with and ostomy!

Everyone wants to feel good about how they look, even with and ostomy!

Phew! Friday Fitness News dump done! Thanks for sticking with me. That’s a whole lot of randomness in one post.

Happy Labor Day weekend, y’all. Anyone racing this weekend? Any news I missed? I’m gonna go get new school supplies for the big day on Tuesday. See y’all in the next school year!

Now go out and run.

*For the record, this is actually very similar to the type of strength training I do at Refine Method and I have found it to be enormously complimentary to my running.

Making {runner} Friends

There have been times in my life when it’s been difficult for me to make friends.

  1. Camp, when I was a couselor.
  2. College, when I was an RA.
  3. School in general.
LittleMe 017

I can’t imagine other camp counselors thinking I’m uncool based on this picture alone.

I always ended up making the best friends in the end, but it was not an easy road and it was often lonely.

Moving to a new city or graduating from school can really mess with your running buddy lineup. I know it did mine!

First marathon trained & run allllll by myseeee-eeeelf.

First marathon trained & run allllll by myseeee-eeeelf.

I tried a few running groups but ran into the same problems as before:

  • Everyone else already had friends in the group.
  • No one wants to hang with the overly chatty new girl.
  • I do not come off as “cool”, even on my best days.

I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I had to be someone’s.



Enter Twitter and the blogging world.

New friends? Check! New running buddies? Check! New studios to get my sweat on? Check!

Some of my newest and most exciting goals are coming straight from my Twitter friends.


200+ miles in 24 hours with 12 teammates in 2 vans? I’m in!

And the Twittersphere and Blogosphere have given me the opportunity to not only meet fellow runners and sweat-a-holics like myself, but it has introduced me to some of my favorite fitness gurus ever whom I love (and miss–WHY DOES EVERYONE LEAVE ME?!?!) dearly.

Ambassador Buddies forever!

Ambassador Buddies forever!

Steven, DON'T GO!!!!!!! I mean, I guess it's a great opportunity and all but we will miss you!

Steven, DON’T GO!!!!!!! I mean, I guess it’s a great opportunity and all but we will miss you!

Plus, they tweet-cheer you on when you hit up their class or kick butt on a run!

So, if you’ve just moved or want to get into a fitness community or need a running buddy, take to the Internet! Hit up Twitter and make new friends. You’ll be surprised by how warm and welcoming everyone is. And, hey, you might meet your BrFF: Best running Friend Forever. I’m off to run with a new friend right now.

Now go out and run!


In my world, I am a leader. I coach teams, I train clients, I advise students. I am a Mentor. My job, as I see it, is to teach people how to take care of themselves so that they have the information to make changes towards leading a healthier life. I take pride in my job.

Go team BRick!

But everyone needs a Mentor. Everyone needs a place to zone out, to follow the leader, to let go and put 110% toward the effort of yourself and no one else.

This is why when people tell me they want to run their first or second race (usually a half or full marathon), I suggest they get a coach or a Mentor. First off, experience is invaluable. Second, education matters when it comes to how your body works. Third, if you have a goal and no clue how to reach it, shouldn’t you ask someone whose job it is to get people to their physical goals?

Mentors do this for you. They’ve been there, done that, and likely have many an ugly, ill-fitted, cotton race shirt to prove it. They’ve hit the walls and climbed over them. They’ve bonked and gotten back on the road. They’ve made the mistakes so that you don’t have to. They are the ones who make it their business what the latest and greatest shoes, gear, fuel, races, training tricks, and trails are.

They are also the ones who will push you when you need it and yell at you when you’re overdoing it. Mentors will talk you off your crazy ledge and make sure you make the smart training decision, even if it’s the hardest one.

I have lots of Mentors. I’m lucky to live and work in the fitness world and have my colleagues be the ones who push me, advise me, cheer for me, and talk me down when I need it. But how do you find a Mentor?

Two of my favorite cheerleaders and Mentors.

Running clubs are a great place to start. Some people feel more comfortable one-on-one with a personal trainer, in which case a gym is the place for you. Most of the lululemon stores have run clubs with rock star leaders from the community. I actually love my Mentors over at Flywheel Sports.

Ambassador Buddies.

Aleah, Steven, Dani, Jessie, they all push me in ways that I cannot push myself. I’m not ashamed to admit that I need to be pushed the same way that my I push my clients. Sometimes we need someone else to believe in us so that we can believe in ourselves and have the confidence to go another mile, faster, harder, and longer than before.

These are the Mentors in your life. They tell you that you can. They tell you that you must. They tell you not to give up. And you believe in them.

Who are your Mentors? Give them a shout-out here! I want to know who you turn to for the leadership that carries you through your workouts day in and day out. Tell me all about them.

Now go out and run!

Fitness News Fridays

Happy Friday! I have had a very productive Friday that began in the wee hours of the morning when it was only 36 degrees outside. You read that right. It’s FREEZING here in New York. I hear it’s been snowing upstate and my dear family in Colorado just got blasted with their first snow of the season. Apparently, Vail looks like this:

Courtesy of

Wow. Ski season is totally on. Red and her BF must be thrilled!

Anywho, there’s lots going on in the health and fitness world this week, too! As predicted, most of the news is about running and marathons as we count down the days (9) to the New York City Marathon. It’s funny, it’s not the biggest or only marathon in the world but when people in New York ask me, “Are you running The Marathon this year?” they are referring to the New York City Marathon and have rarely heard of another outside of possibly Boston. They are often confused when I say, “No, Philly. The Philly Marathon” and don’t know how to respond.

On that note, GOOD LUCK MARINE CORPS MARATHONERS!!! If you find yourself near Washington, D.C. or Arlington, V.A. this weekend, take a walk along the course and cheer on the 35,000 people running The People’s Marathon this year. I love, love, love this marathon and hope to do it next year.


And now, the news.

  • If you are a female runner, you have Dr. Julia Chase-Brand to thank for paving the way and debunking the myth that your uterus will fall out if you run for more than half a mile.
  • If I had kids, I would make these for Halloween. I may still make them. JB and I are big kids.
  • California has banned teens from using tanning beds. Personally, I dig it cuz it causes cancer.
  • ACL and meniscus injuries in young athletes are on the rise. This drives me crazy because their mostly overuse injuries. A year-round single sport child seems to me to be on the fast track to lifelong debilitating injuries.
  • Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall calls magazines out about unhealthy images portrayed and how it affects young women’s perception of health and beauty. Good on her.
  • Sam Fox is running 2396 miles to raise money for his mother who has Parkinson’s. What have you done for your Mom lately?
  • Yoga helps to relieve back pain. Do you really need MORE reasons to take up yoga? Do it.
  • Adidas made a shoe in honor of the late, great Grete Waitz. 100% of the proceeds goes to Waitz’s cancer foundation.
  • People rarely challenge me to an Anatomy/Physiology discussion about running being “bad” for you (guess who wins that one?) but not everyone has the information to back up their plans to run a marathon and sometimes they encounter the nay-sayers. My advice, tell them “I’m doing it because I want to.” So there.
  • It’s never too late to save your life and start exercising.

One last thing, by popular demand, Aleah and I will be hosting ONE MORE BRICK workout tomorrow starting at 12:30pm at the Upper East Side Flywheel. If you didn’t make the list, come on by and jump on the wait list. See you there!

Have a great weekend. Now go out and run!

100th Blog Post

Wow. 100 posts. Who knew I had so much to say *snort* besides, oh, everyone? Well, happy 100th Blog Post Day to me. Do I get a cake? Don’t TV shows celebrate their 100th show with a big cake and a party? I love a party. And cake. All parties and cakes can be directed to my apartment this evening.

Today also happens to be the 7 year anniversary of JB & my first date. Awwww…yay us! That’s a long time and a lot of stuff in those 7 years. We don’t celebrate this anniversary anymore (we have a BIGGER one now) but it’s always fun to think back on how it all began when he picked me up in a bar down on the Lower East Side before I said to him, “I gotta go home and sleep so I can run 15 miles tomorrow.” Clearly my little running habit did not intimidate this Marine. Second date = 12 mile run in Central Park. Swoon.

And this weekend was awesome. Let me tell you all about it but let me first suggest this: try something new this week. Variety is the spice of life and of your fitness life, too! Running is so great and I feel better out on the roads than most anywhere else in the world, but I feel so great out there because running isn’t the only thing I do.

Example, this weekend:

Ya’ll read about what a bananas schedule I was going to have on Saturday and BANANAS it was! I did it ALL and then I slept for 10 hours, took a 2 hour nap and generally laid around all day on Sunday with JB. Perfect.

First, let me show how luluelmon athletica celebrates a store opening with a Soul Cycle class in the middle of Madison Avenue.


Me (2nd row!) and the Harlem Gospel Choir, who sang as we spun (spinned?).


Pretty badass.

And then I had the distinct pleasure of attending the fabulous Aleah Stander’s “B” to our BRICK class at Flywheel Sports, my own personal heaven. This is what 45 sweaty rock stars looks like. And what I look like after a class. Sweaty. Beast.


Good thing Flywheel is a judgement-free zone where sweat is concerned! Then we were off to the “R” portion of our BRICK. Central Park was sporting a perfect Fall day for us.


There is nothing more inspiring and beautiful than people trying new things and pushing their bodies to new heights. I want to encourage all of you go out and try something new. Your own BRICK workout (or come to our next one on Ocotber 29th!). Try an indoor cycling class. Join a tri team. Rollerblade for the first time. Go for a swim in the ocean (not just a dip). Do yoga. Take a dance class. Try a martial art. Do a trapeze class. Ride a horse. Sign up for an outdoor boot camp class. Do something else. Your body will thank you.

Fitness is supposed to be fun. If it’s not fun, you’re doing it WRONG. So, mix it up and seek out other forms of activity. Avoid the rut and try new things. That is my challenge to you. What will you try this week/month? Think about it and let me know!

Now go out and run!