Got a question? Ask me anything!

#1. Do you run with a buddy/group?

No, I don’t. I have in the past but my schedule is pretty erratic and I can’t really commit to a regular day and time. Plus, running is my “me” time, my quiet time and I kinda like it that way. That said, if you know any 7:30/7:45 female runners in NYC, please let me know!

#2. How long have you been running?

Since I was 10, sooooo…20-something years. I’ve run every distance from the 400m dash to the 26.2 miles of 9 marathons (and +2 miles at one of those marathons finishing with Red!).

#3. Do you offer training programs/personal training for runners?

Sure do. Runners and everyone else! Email me at runstrongereveryday@gmail.com for details.

#4. Do you run every day?

Not outside of the Runner’s World Holiday Streak. I believe that balance is the key to a healthy body and running every single day is not a balanced fitness plan, in my humble opinion.

#5. Have you run the Boston Marathon?

No. I have plans to run it just as soon as I qualify…

#6. How did you become a lululemon athletica Ambassador?

We just kind of found each other and it was love at first sight.

#7. Are you married?

Yes. To JB. You’ll read about him occasionally. He’s the best.

#8. Do you really have Ulcerative Colitis (usually followed up with “you look healthy to me”)?

I do have UC. I was diagnosed in April 2010. I look healthy and usually am healthy, aside from flare-up season. My doctors is awesome and takes good care of me, but it’s a chronic auto-immune disease that I’ll always have and there’s only so much I can do about it. You can read more about UC and Crohn’s (both IBDs) here.

#9. How can I avoid getting injured now that I’ve started running?

Check out the “TAGS” on the right side of the blog page. Injuries, training, I’m a Newbie!, Exercises to Do This Week, cross training and the like will take you to the posts that address how to get started and stay healthy.

#10. Isn’t running bad for your knees?

No. (There is a longer answer to this and if you really want it, email me and I would be happy to provide it for you)

#11. What are your future races?

Nothing officially on the docket at the moment, though there is talk of a do-over at the Jersey Shore in May and heading to the Pacific Northwest in the Fall.

#12. How come you don’t use any of your family/friends’ names on your blog?

Pretty sure they want it that way, too.

#13. Do you make nutrition/diet plans for people?

It’s not my area. I like to share what’s worked for me, but I’m not licensed to dole out nutrition advice. If you’re looking for someone who is, please email me and I will be happy to send you names of amazing nutritionists/registered dietitians I know.

What else? Ask me anything!

12 thoughts on “FAQs

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  2. I have Crohn’s! People always say to me too, “But you look so healthy” which is true, but man, we can hide the pain well I guess! haha

    Did your surgery have to do with you having UC?

    I’m an RD, so if you ever have any questions or have followers ask you questions about nutrition, feel free to send them my way. AND thank you for saying that you aren’t in the position to give nutrition advice and that you would refer ppl to an RD. BIG thank you for that! πŸ™‚

    • I kinda hate when people tell me I “look so healthy” despite an incurable disease ravaging my body. I’m sure they mean it as a compliment. Oh, and I am very happy to pass people along to the pros that deal with the food. It’s most definitely not my area! Where do you work?

  3. Hi Abby!
    What are your thoughts on minimalist shoes? I attempted to buy new running shoes today, and got very frustrated with the lady attempting to help me. She kept suggesting them, but all I could think about is how much my feet are going to hurt in them.

    • 1. Get to a shoe store for videotaped foot strike analysis. 2. Find out what type of feet you have (normal, pronating, supinating, high/med/low arch) 3. Alternate running in a regular cushioned shoe & minimalist (like Saucony Kinvara) shoe until you feel your preference. I’m not against them as long as they are right for your feet & you build into them slowly. Does that help?

  4. Qusetion on Long Run nutrition: Having Cohn’s and having had my Ileocecal valave removed, I’ve learned that there are some mid run nutritional supplements that just won’t work for me. Nothing is worse that ruining a race by making a restroom stop and I’ve learned over the last year that Gu roctane will work for me depending on the flavor (Cherry Lime, wierd huh?). Do you use anything mid run? If so, what works for you? PB&J can be tough to carry lol

    • Hi Mark-
      Yeah, PB&J can be a tough mid-run fuel. I use Cliff Shot Bloks mid-run & find Honey Stingers waffles also go down easily. Certain things will initiate motility in your digestive system (usually heavier, bulkier items) but things that you don’t have to chew (Gu, etc) are less likely to do so.
      Hope this helps!

  5. Hi Abby, love the blog! I just ran my 1st marathon (MCM!!) and am pretty happy with my performance (4:14) :), but 1 week out and I’m really missing running. Just curious how long you would typically recommend waiting before getting back into higher mileage again (i’m weird and i miss it ha!) and also between marathon training cycles. I’ve heard so many different things :P.

    Totally agree with the tapering post btw. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Alexis-
      Congratulations on your 1st marathon! MCM is one of my favorites. How long you wait before you ramp up again depends on lots of variables: how quickly you fully recover, how well-trained your body is, if you have any aches and pains from your race, what your next goal is…etc, etc. As a rule of thumb, I recommend taking a full week off from working out (outside of walking/light swimming if you can’t contain yourself) and then a full month off from anything resembling mileage.

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