An Entirely Unscientific Poll

Dave Matthews Band “Stay (Wasting Time)” came on the other day and I found myself grooving in the kitchen with the little man as I relived the summers of my youth through the laid-back tunes of what was surely a very stoned band.

It reminded me of hot weather and sunshine in Colorado. It was a dry heat, nothing like these sticky East coast summers, and I don’t recall feeling the urge to go shirtless on many of those runs. Sure, a few of the two-a-days in August, but not the way I feel like stripping naked in Central Park in May.



I’m pretty hesitant to take my shirt off these days. My post-baby abs aren’t exactly fit for public consumption. But that doesn’t mean these hot summer days won’t finally break me, decency be damned, and you’ll find my shirtless on the track once again.

What about you? Do you run shirtless? Do you care who sees you? I’m curious what your thoughts are!

Now go out and run!

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