I Am My Happiest Running Self…

…when I feel strong.

I had a break in my schedule yesterday and decided to kick up my sneaks at the track. I get to do some track work maybe once a week, if that, so I really try to enjoy those workouts. They make me feel fast.

Not yesterday.


I felt how I looked yesterday.



First off, THE WIND. Secondly, I wasn’t alone. When I used to do my workouts at 7am, it was me and a few of my elderly neighbors getting their steps in. Yesterday, it was me and the entire NYU Track & Field team. So, yeah, I felt like I was standing still whilst they sped by me.

E66 Abby Bayles Aug62013 405

But at least I looked good?

Thanks to the gusts of wind on the back stretch, my splits were all over the place as I attempted to knock out some 800s. The youngsters were polite enough but I definitely felt a little embarrassed doing my “speed” workout next to them.

I genuinely miss that feeling of speeding around the track. I miss cranking out repeats and ladders and feeling like I’m working hard and running fast. Le sigh.

This is the hard part. It’s not about how I look or how others see me, but how I FEEL.

What it can do

So I’m looking forward to training more and getting into the meat of it. I’m REALLY looking forward to feeling like I’m getting into some sort of shape (not round). And I’m ready to feel strong again on my legs.

Let’s do this, half marathon training. I got you.

Now go out and run.


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