I didn’t imagine it this way. I figured that 8 months post-partum, I’d be back running 3-4 days a week and feeling strong on my runs and ready to train for a half marathon by now.

Here’s the reality:

  • I run 1-2 days a week. That’s a good week. Some weeks I run zero days.
  • I go to Refine (thank goodness I’m an Ambassador for them!) 3 times a week.
  • I’m signed up for a half marathon in July.

I’m ready for the sidewalks and roads to get less icy so I can run to and from Refine. I hate sitting on the bus or in a cab when I could be getting some miles. I’m gonna be sweaty anyway, right?

Pudgy hand on my chest = heart melt.

Pudgy hand on my chest = heart melt.

So what’s a runner to do when she has very little time to run? Me? I complain to Birdie (sorry, Birdie) and run when I can.

When I run with the Mountain Buggy jogging stroller, I just run at whatever pace feels comfortable. If JB or Birdie runs with me and the stroller, they push the stroller and I we just mosey along.

If I’m running on my own, I do a workout. I hit the track or the treadmill and do something involving sprints or repeats. I run to Central Park and bust out some hills. Between Refine Method (thank you, Brynn) workouts and these runs, I’m in relatively ok shape.

Hello, old friend.

Hello, old friend.

There are legitimate barriers to my running. My kid (the happiest, cutest reason I sometimes can’t run), my absolutely bonkers school schedule, the crazy slippery road conditions we’ve had, and life choices.

But part of being a smart runner is recognizing where I am now and what I can do. Placing unattainable standards and goals on my plate will only serve to make me a very angry, frustrated Abby.

And no one likes pissed-off Abby.

So there you have it. I’m running-ish. Looking very forward to the Spring when I won’t be nervous about skidding around with the stroller or the air being too cold for the munchkin. Oh, and I get to be done with school.


That’s the state of things in my running world. Where are you? Are you running or running-ish?

Ready for Summer running.

Ready for Summer so I can get back to running, not running-ish.

Now go out and run!

5 thoughts on “Running-ish

  1. I’m running-ish! I’m focusing on all over fitness, not just running. I’m going to the gym three nights a week, and hoping for outdoor runs on the weekends! Hang in there friend, Punxsutawney Phil tells LIES!

  2. 8 months is still young.

    I had twins 10 years ago. I was excited to get back to running as soon as possible. But once I was back to working full time, when the boys were three months old, running was much lower priority. Honestly, it took until they were two until I was in a really good regular running schedule. Once I went back to running, my speed and endurance came back quite quickly.

    During those first few years, babies change so fast and they are so much work. I don’t regret at all my half hearted training during those early days.

  3. postpartum running is no joke. couple that with grad school and the fun game of “figuring out life,” and it can be daunting for sure… been there, done that! the nice thing, and what you already know because you’re so brilliant and so balanced, is that running will always be there. always. and just because things are chaos now doesn’t mean that you’re any *less* of a runner… if you ran 0 miles last week but 70 miles this week, you’re still a runner! that’s the beauty of it. hang in there. 🙂

  4. Love your blog! I’m unfortunately not even running-ish. I’m pregnant with #2 and have stopped running (and wearing heels) to let whatever ails my foot compeletely heal. So far, so good. My goal is to get back into it after I have the baby.
    I’d signed up for a sprint triathlon 1-1/2 months postpartum the first time around but he was 10 days late & we spent a week in the hospital. I was barely sitting comfortably by the time the race happened without me. Trying to be more realistic this time. Good luck with your half training!

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