BTAT: Sore As Hell

I don’t know about any of you, but I pretty regularly crave a good, hard workout. There’s something about getting my butt kicked by a track workout, or my favorite Refine Method instructor, or 5K that makes me feel like reeeeeeeeeally accomplished something.

That feeling when you stand up and say, “Ohhhhhhh my butt hurts.” Yeah, that feeling.

Maybe I’m a masochist?

Closing in on the Vomit Threshold in my last 5K. Woof.

The last 5K I ran. It was soooooo hot.

What it really is for me is that I’ve been forced to take so many breaks from running and exercise in the past five years, that when I can push hard and get myself sore, it means I’m finally on my way back. I can finally do a little bit more. I’m healthy enough to push hard.

You know that feeling, right?

You can push yourself a little faster.

You can run that hill a little harder.

You can do one more pushup.

You can finish that extra 800.

You can sprint to the finish at the end of a race.

And then you’re sore as hell. And you love it. Because being sore as hell means you’re changing your body, one workout at a time. Being sore as hell means you’re pushing your limits. Being sore as hell means you’re moving again.


Yes, I could still go to a {very modified} Refine Method workout while pregnant, but I was never, ever sore.

Well, that’s what being sore as hell means to me, anyway. And it’s way Better Than the Alternative. I’ll take being sore as hell any day over being laid up on the couch any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Now go out and run.