Heavy Marathon Miles

Oy. You Fall marathoners are in long run Hell right now. 18, 20, 22 miles for three, four, five hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Lucky for us, this Summer has been super-mild and most of you have been able to get your long runs done in 70 degree weather.

Lucky ducks.

Last summer was freaking torture and I didn’t even get to run the damn marathon.

Last summer: the one spot on my tank not drenched with sweat. Yuck.

Last summer: the one spot on my tank not drenched with sweat. Yuck.

I don’t feel bad for you guys in that regard. You’ve had it pretty good. But the miles, oooooh, the miles! That’s where I feel for you.

Maintaing focus and doing the hard, long miles day after day, week after week, when you’ve been training for 12+ weeks is not easy. So what do you do when it’s getting to be too much? What do you do when you’re so tired of hearing your feet hit the pavement?

  1. Start the countdown. Make a countdown calendar. Put it somewhere you can see it every day. Update that sucker every single day and celebrate the countdown.
  2. Write down your goals. Do it every day, if that helps. Remember why you’re doing all this training.
  3. Take a break. Missing one workout is not going to destroy your training so if you really need to take a day and get a pedicure, do it. Regroup. And then get back into it.
  4. Check with your coach about your volume to make sure it’s not too much. Too many miles too quickly will definitely cause problems.
  5. Take a cheat day.

If all else fails and you still feel burnt out, maybe it’s not the time for you to run this race. It’s ok to back out if you’re not feeling it. There are few things worse (in your running life) than being at mile 19 of a marathon, hating it, and wishing you had never started in the first place.


That’s not a good place to be.

This goes for for all types of training, but runners especially. Take good care of yourself! Get plenty of rest, eat real food, and run with friends. Hang in there, you’re almost done.

Now go out and run.