My “Go” Bag & ANOTHER Giveaway!

As we near the close of my semester (we finish didactic mid-April–don’t be jealous, we also started 3 weeks before you in January), I find myself all over the place with things. Per usual, I’m doing about 7,274 things at once but they all take a big ‘ol back seat to a nap or a workout when I reeeeeaaaaallllly need one. Or both.

So, yeah. You could say the randomness of this blog reflects the randomness of my life right now. I don’t mind it one bit, actually. Especially if it means that I have another giveaway to share with YOU!

Pink! Pockets! What more could I ask for?

Pink! Pockets! So many pockets! What more could I ask for?

The folks over at Apera Bags contacted me to see if I was interested in getting to know their fancy-schmancy gym bags. Ummm, let me think about that for just one second–DUH! I selected the Yoga Tote in pink (double DUH!) for my trial bag.

First of all, as a student and a gym rat in NYC, I carry my life with me all day every day. No car to throw my stuff in for later, it’s all gotta fit into one bag. And, let’s be real, it’s gotta be cute. This IS New York City, after all.

But how do I mix my running shoes and sweaty clothes with my computer and endless power point handouts? Normally, I tie my shoes to the outside of my bag and let them hang. They whack me in the butt while I trek to the bus, but there’s no room for my New Balances in any of my current bags.

Until now!

Shoes! Notebook! Computer! Sweaty clothes! A place for everything and everything in its place.

Shoes! Notebook! Computer! Sweaty clothes! A place for everything and everything in its place.

And with room to spare. It’s a Christmas (in March) miracle!

What I really love about this bag is that it’s vented. I mean, my running shoes stink and when I open a bag that they’ve been sitting in, my whole bag stinks. And if I pack them away in a plastic bag, they never dry.

Vented bag = problem solved. Oh, and no big deal, but the fabric is anti-microbial, too. Smelly gym clothes BE GONE!

See the little baby vents?

See the little baby vents on the zipper lining? Coooooooool. And yes, I carry this crap with me all day every day.

But like I said, it’s gotta look good when I’m going from school to the gym to a date with my gorgeous husband.

My hot pink bag is always in style.

My hot pink bag is always in style.

Currently, it’s my “go” bag, packed with all my random essentials with room to spare–that will promptly get stuffed with things I’ve forgotten last minute. It’s seriously packed but I keep finding new pockets to use!

See? Multi-functional.

Another really cool thing about Apera is that for every 3 bags they sell, they donate one custom bag to a Special Olympic Athlete. Yes, yes, yes to this!

How cute are these?

How cute are these?

These Sprint Packs are the PERFECT race day bag.

And Apera Bags wants to give one to YOU! One lucky reader will get an awesome Sprint Pack and one will get a 25% off coupon for Apera Bags. TWO WINNERS!

To enter, leave a comment here on what your must-have items are for your gym/race day bag. For an additional entry, share this post on Twitter (tag me!) or blog about it (ping me!) and don’t forget to let me know you did!

The two winners will be chosen at random next Wednesday at noon so make sure you get your comments in before then!

Now go out and run.

Full disclosure: Yes, Apera Bags sent me a bag to try for free. But you know my policy: if I don’t like it, I don’t share it. Obviously I love it, so I shared it. But my opinions, as the Obi-wans will happily tell you, are always my own.

54 thoughts on “My “Go” Bag & ANOTHER Giveaway!

  1. Cute bag! I have a similar system and it is going to become more important now that I am moving offices to a building with a gym! My essentials include sneakers, deodorant, hair ties, headband and socks.

  2. Wow, this bag is awesome! I am always on a quest for a better bag to fit my needs. Currently I use a backpack from the Timberman 70.3 because it has a separate compartment for my stinky sneakers. My essentials are sneakers, socks, hair ties, ipod, snacks (usually some type of bar) and a water bottle.

  3. Very cool! My must haves are gum, hair ties, sneaks, run clothes, toiletries. Post run clothes & berkinstocks.

  4. Awesome bag! My must-haves are shoes (which type depends on my plan for the day), shorts, t-shirt, socks, sports bra, running belt, and earbuds.

  5. My gym bag must-haves include a swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. Yoga clothes if it’s a double workout day. Also work clothes for after the fun…

  6. I’m a sucker for pink too. Always. Could be a good hospital bag for you too when Baby Bales is ready to make his/her arrival. My must haves in my gym bag (can’t WAIT to be cleared to be able to need one again) are hair ties, water (which I hate when it touches my wallet and phone and gets them wet…hooray for pockets!), dry long sleeve layer, deodorant, and a plastic bag for my work clothes (again…hooray for a lot of pcokets!).

  7. Race day bag musts:
    Water, banana, cliff bar margarita shot bloks, Chapstick, post-race tee, sparkly headband, extra hair elastic and extra safety pins :). Love love love the hot pink bag!!!

  8. Must Haves: gloves (because it’s always colder than you think it will be); a hat (because it’s always sunnier than you think it will be… actually, that’s not true LOL); an extra pair of shoes (in case the terrain isn’t as expected); and a drink (no, not that kind of drink.. a sports drink!)

  9. My must have in my race bag is a snack, extra socks, body glide and dry shampoo. Love the gym back it looks so cute and functional!

  10. omg, i’ve had the apera bag on my wish list, these bags are awesome and so is the company’s mission. So glad you’re supporting them. My must have is socks, I always forget socks, so I tend to have a few extra pair in my bag for back up

  11. I need my keys and phone… I tend to just wear the sneakers if I’m going to have to wear them later.

  12. I go before work and get ready there before heading in….so I take a ton of things with me. My favorite is having a place to keep the stinky clothes and shoes separate. I always need extra hair ties and headbands and socks. SHOWER SHOES are a must! I just need tons of room and this bag looks like it could be it! Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. I must have peanut butter and my inhaler. Two things I cannot do without on race day (or any day as a matter of fact).

  14. For the gym, I need a lock, my water bottle with my gym barcode on it (easier than having to pack keys, since I usually just walk or run to the gym), headphones, stupid heavy Lulu yoga mat, extra socks, scarf for and chapstick. For race day, it’s just a new sports bra for post race (ugh mushy tatatamers are the worst), lube for the thighs and food. I keep seeing these bags, and the yoga bag looks so awesome!

  15. Race Day Bag:

    water, cheese-stick, juice, itty-bitty first aid kit, body glide, phone, quarters for parking, kleenex, warm clothes for afterwards, chapstick, gum, extra safety pins, hair bands, gloves, extra socks, keys, and band aids!!


  16. Love the pink and love all the vents, and so would my clothes and everyone around me! My essentials are spin and running shoes always and then everything else to get me from my job at 6am to the gym and then to babysitting 2-3x/wk and finally home around 9:30. So, a lot!

  17. Love the compartments on that bag! My must-have gym bag item is a clean pair of socks. If there’s something I forget, the clean socks are always it.

  18. Love the compartments on that bag! My must-have item is clean socks. It’s the only thing I tend to forget!

  19. I never have room for my shoes, this bag looks perfect! Must have for the gym: kindle (for elliptical days), iPod, shoes, water; simple 🙂

  20. Great bag! My must have gym items are: lightweight sneakers for Refine, makeup bag, face wash, body wipes, face wipes, socks, workout clothes, comb, lip balm, PickyBar, ponytail holder, headband and plastic bag for dirty clothes.

  21. Great bag! Must haves include: sneakers, towel, headphones, change of clothes, headband, iphone charger, inhaler, water and snacks. Thank for sharing info on this bag :).

  22. Love that bag and pink is my favorite color!
    Gym bag must haves:
    – socks
    – mini-umbrella
    – Purell
    – band aids
    – tampons
    – face wipes
    – white china gel– btw this is heaven for aches, like icy hot but not smelly or sticky and doesn’t stain!

  23. My comment keeps getting spit out.

    Anyway… I LOVE this bag. It might be the pink color. 🙂

    I have to keep comfy clothes in my race bag for the after party. Plus lots and lots of SNACKS.

  24. Love this bag! It’s just the right size (my current bag is HUGE and somehow, as large as it is, doesn’t adequately fit all my stuff!). My gym bag always includes: shoes, socks, workout gear of the day, 32-oz Nalgene bottle, bag for dirty clothes, bag of toiletries (shampoo/face wash/soap/touch-up makeup/etc.), towel, iPod, phone, protein bar, and a copy of whatever book I’m currently reading.

  25. For the gym I need my workout clothes, ipod, my lock, watch a snack, water bottle, and my workout. Race day I bring my iPod, an extra layer, sunglasses, and my id and some cash. Everything else I’m already wearing 🙂

  26. I NEED THAT BAG! GORGEOUS! As for my essentials on race day, a small container of vaseline, a couple of Gu packets, post race outfit, headband, and some lip gloss for those post race photos 🙂

  27. I also carry my life with me. Which is a total pain. My biggest must have for race day is a pair of soft comfy flip flops to change into. My feet need to breathe!

  28. Awesome bag and awesome company with a great mission! I am always looking for a new bag to throw workout clothes AND all my hospital stuff and this bag is perfect! My must have gym bag items: hair ties, water bottle, sneakers/socks, chapstick, and some wipes!

  29. Zippered pockets and different compartments are a must for me! I’m on a lifetime search for the perfect gym bag, in fact.

    PS I always tie my shoes onto my bag too, haha! And they also smack me constantly while I’m walking.

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