Kara’s Big Moves

Last week, the most famous woman in U.S. distance running made big moves in the professional running world. Kara Goucher, long-time NIKE sponsored-runner and Alberto Salazar pupil, signed an endorsement contract with Oiselle.


Pronounced "Wa-zel". (Image courtesy of Oiselle)

Pronounced “Wa-zel”.
(Image courtesy of Oiselle)

Oiselle is an Oregon-based female running apparel company started by CEO Sally Bergesen. Their mission is simple and straightforward: help empower female runners of all abilities, encourage healthy habits (the female running world is littered with disordered eating), run hard, run clean, and be a superfan of the brand and each other.

Running far, running fast. Wings out!

Running far, running fast. Wings out!

They sponsor several professional female runners on their Haute Volée team (Lauren Fleshman and Kate Grace being just two of my favorites!), a team of up-and-coming runners called Little Wing, and dozens of everyday Ambassadors across the country.

Just a few of the Oiselle Ambassadors in my world :)

Just a few of the Oiselle Ambassadors in my world 🙂

But why does it matter so much that Kara Goucher has moved on from NIKE to Oiselle? Well, this headline should say it all:

"Upstart" made me laugh. (Image shamelessly stolen from Sally Bergesen's Twitter feed)

“Upstart” made me laugh.
(Image shamelessly stolen from Sally Bergesen’s Twitter feed.
Original from WSJ)

Kara (I just made us on a first name basis–hope you don’t mind, Kara!) wrote about her departure on her blog, was interviewed for Competitor and Runner Space (two parts), and Sally (again, first name basis…oops?) told the story from point of view as well.

She is arguably the most famous female runner in the country. She’s beautiful, gracious, and has a bright career still ahead of her and definitely had her pick of incredibly lucrative, world-famous running shoe/apparel companies kicking her door down to throw tons of money just to get the chance to sponsor her.

She chose Oiselle.


Inking the deal.
(Image stolen from Sally at Oiselle.com–sorry, wasn’t there to get my own shots!)

In short, Kara moved back to Boulder (holla, CO!) to train with her college coaches and wanted to get with a team and a sponsor that aligned with how she sees her future as a runner and entrepreneur, as well as a place where she feels at home.

I love this.

Some more Oiselle ladies killin it.

Some more Oiselle ladies killin it.

I love that she took a HUGE pay cut to be with a team she identifies with personally and professionally. I love that she joined a company that actively empowers female runners and business owners alike. I love that she chose to be a part of something she believes in, not just the highest bidder.

Running is still a very male-dominated industry. Male coaches, male superstars, predominantly male-based merchandise. It’s only been in recent years that shoe and apparel companies have stopped jimmy-rigging men’s clothes and shoes to fit women.

I mean, helllllllooooo! Who does more shopping?

Oiselle friends in NYC. Such a great group of women!

Oiselle friends in NYC. Such a great group of women!

And Oiselle is the perfect example of where the future of women’s running is headed. Empowering each other. Cheering each other on. Sharing each other’s awesome ideas (Picky Bars, anyone?). Encouraging each other to go for all of our dreams–family AND a career. Breaking down barriers for women across the board.

I mean, they had a fashion show during Fashion Week in New York City last year, starring their athletes. And then Lauren (can I call you Lauren?) went on her blog to show the world what she really looks like OFF the runway, post-baby.

Now that’s integrity for you. Hero status.

And Kara joining the team throws a huge spotlight on company, yes, but even more so toward the mission statement behind the brand. 

(Courtesy of Oiselle)

(Courtesy of Oiselle)

I, for one, am thrilled to see big moves from a big player and hope that more athletes will follow in her (& Nick Symmonds!) footsteps in taking an active role in shaping the future of our sport for the better, not just for the richer.

I am thoroughly impressed with the fearlessness and integrity with which Kara and Oiselle are leading the pack in female running and business. I hope to do the same in my own career as a runner and a physical therapist.

Thanks for the inspiration, ladies.

Now go out and run.

7 thoughts on “Kara’s Big Moves

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  2. Love love love this post. I actually thought when I found out Kara signed with Oiselle, “I hope someone does a blog post about this.” You captured this perfectly! Sincerely, a new reader 🙂

  3. You nailed it…like, a thousand times over. This is a big deal in more ways than we can articulate right now. Well done, Abby.

  4. Love this post, Abby! I was so excited to hear about Kara joining Oiselle, it really is amazing! Oiselle is actually based out of Seattle, WA though, not Oregon, just an FYI. 😉

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