I’m A Cheater

Do you ever have those days, after several consecutive days of hard workouts or long nights or stressful school midterm weeks that make you want to scream, when you just need a rest day? Only it’s not on your schedule and you know you’ll feel better if you run?

Truer than true.

Truer than true.

Ugh. I have.

For me, this especially happens during the Summer months. I don’t know if it’s that Summer in NYC is like living on the surface of the sun or if it’s that most of my Summers are spent training for Fall races. Whatever the case, I need more rest in the Summer.

You know it's hot if I'm down to my sweaty sports bra. These abs don't see the light of day whilst running very often.

You know it’s hot if I’m down to my sweaty sports bra. These abs don’t see the light of day whilst running very often.

But it’s training season! What’s a runner to do?


My absolute favorite way to sneak an extra rest “day” into my schedule is to fudge around my workout times. When I look at my week and see:

Monday: 8mi + Refine, Tuesday: Track workout, Wed: Refine, Thurs: 10mi <w/6mi Tempo>, Fri: OFF, Sat: 16mi, Sun: 5 mi…

I gotta tell ya, I panic just a little. But then I get to work on creating rest days where there are technically none.

For you, Obi-wan.

For you, Obi-wan.

I know Monday and Tuesday are going to be a lot. Track workouts beat the crap out of me (and they should!), so before jumping into Refine again Wednesday morning, I rearrange my workout times to get more rest in between. So my workouts really look like this:

Monday AM: 8mi + Refine, Tuesday AM: Track workout, Wed PM: Refine, Thurs AM: 10mi <w/6mi Tempo>, Fri: OFF, Sat AM: 16mi, Sun AM/PM: 5 mi.

That way, I end up with a full 36 hours of rest after my track workout before I hit up the strength training again on Wednesday and 48 hours before I have to pound the pavement hard in a tempo run on Thursday.

And then I drink.

And then I drink.

See? An extra day and a half of rest. That’s why, when people look at my schedule and see that I only have one “rest” day listed, I tell them I actually have two.

I’m a cheater that way.

Now go out and run!

5 thoughts on “I’m A Cheater

  1. Thank you for all your tips and blog emails, they help me get through my first half marathon this past w/e. Question what is a refine?

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