Wow. I mean…WOW, it’s been a WHILE. Hi guys. I missed you all.

In the past month (er…almost two?), I’d go out for a run or be in the grocery store or at my workouts class and writing posts in my head. Then I’d get home, get busy, get distracted, and not write anything down. Lazy? I prefer to say I’ve been focused.

So true. (Image courtesy of

So true.
(Image courtesy of

Toward the end of last semester, I had to really put my blinders on and focus on the most important things in my life. Thus, I had my limits.

Finals (ugh), health, family, work, and celebrating the holidays and winter break were my highest priorities for the past month. As much as I love writing, it sits solidly on the back burner of my life when things go bananas. It’s not my job. It’s relevant to what I do and certainly a part of what I want to continue doing. But still, not my job.

I want a box like this on my desk.

I want a box like this on my desk.

And neither is running. So, when life happens, sometimes running takes a back seat. At various points in my life, I have had to sit it out from running for stretches of weeks and months.

Getting sick and having two major abdominal surgeries taught me to appreciate everything my body can do.

It's tough to run when attached to IVs and such.

It’s tough to run when attached to IVs and such.

I no longer care so much if I PR in every race. If I “only” get a 4 mile run in, it’s still worth going out and doing. If I have to drop down from a full to a half because my body is working double duty, so be it.

There are millions of reasons why someone may need to (or should be ok with) cutting back or taking a break from running. The important thing is to be able to recognize that:

  1. Running is not your job.
  2. Running is not who you are.
  3. Running is not the only way to get sweaty.

It’s ok to put it down and pick it up as your life changes. Taking a break does not mean you’ve failed or are weak or that you aren’t a runner anymore.

It's ok to take a moment for yourself.

It’s ok to take a moment for yourself.

Don’t feel guilty about taking a step back from something like running. It can be a great thing to do for yourself, especially if you plan on coming back to it at some point.

I’m down to 15-20 miles/week from 65 miles/week back in September. Do I miss it? Yeah. Is it gonna kill me to taper back in order to focus on other things? Definitely not. Gotta get through this semester with my sanity intact and stay healthy.

So, you may hear from me less. I may be running less. But I’ll be back.

Just like Arni. (Image courtesy of TriStar Pictures)

Just like Arni.
(Image courtesy of TriStar Pictures)

Now go out and run.

What have you been up to this winter? Anyone running a race coming up in the spring? I feel for you all who ran through the Polar Vortex. It was brutal out there! Stay warm, friends!