Hello, Old Friends

Oh hey there, old friends. Well, not old-old, but…you know. Hiiiiiiiii!!!!

Not much has happened running-wise since I last posted. Seriously, my running is there but nothing to sing about as of late. I haven’t raced since September (if you could call what I did “racing”) and I didn’t end up being able to volunteer at the NYCM again this year.


Slide1Best intentions, right?

But, I have a lot of friends who have been kicking butt recently at the NYCM and other races around the country.

There was the Runner’s World Hat Trick Festival as told through the eyes of my friends Ashley (who is preggers) and Tina (who wrote two recaps). John has been busy over in PA at every race within 50 miles of him. Emily ran her first (for sure not her last!) marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon in October.

Gia ran Chicago for time and New York for fun (you crazy, girlfriend), and so did Erin.

Then we have all the NYCM-ers: Jess ran for fun, Ali ran for herself (!), Erin and Theodora both became members of the sub-4:00 club, Leticia (who almost didn’t make it to the start line) represented Texas-style, Kim‘s race was 9 years in the making, Mark ran with his Mom in mind. Charlotte PR’d by 45 minutes!

When the flags go up, the city goes wild!

When the flags go up, the city goes wild!

If you’ve been reading this blog for over a year, you might remember my runner friend Jen whose family lost their home to Hurricane Sandy last year. Well, she’s totally a celebrity now and totally kicked butt at this year’s NYCM. So proud of you, friend!

Then there’s Janae who PR’d her half marathon time in a costume and Meaghan who became and IronMan last weekend, which absolutely blows my mind. And then there’s my friend, Kara. Kara completed the IronMan in Lake Placid (swim, bike, run) AND THEN PR’d at the NYCM by 44 minutes, hence her new nickname is IronKara.

Congratulations to all the runners and if I missed your recap, send it to me! Best of luck to everyone running Richmond (go Birdie!) and Philly this weekend. Go get ’em, Runner Army!

Yaaaaaaay Philly!

Yaaaaaaay Philly!

I’m not planning any crazy races in the coming months. Maybe a hot chocolate run here and a turkey trot there, mostly for the food and liquid chocolate. But I like to run these races for kicks.

Post-marathon/half-marathon training is a great time to do a silly costume run that requires you have fun instead of stressing about PR-ing. Find that local Jingle Bell run and dress up like Santa Claus. Have some fun. Run with a friend.

Enjoy the holiday season by running all the fun runs you can. I promise you, it’s a better way to get through cookie/pie season versus stressing out about getting a 20-miler in sometime after your holiday work party. That’s not fun.



Are you running a fun holiday run? Turkey Trot, Santa Shuffle, New Year’s Eve run? The most important question being: will you be wearing a costume?

Me as a Turkey. Can you tell?

Me as a Turkey. Can you tell?

Congratulations again to all the Fall racers! Can’t wait to get back out on the racing road with all of you.

Now go out and run