Workout Wednesdays: Progression Run

There are a lot of runners out there. I mean A LOT of runners.

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Some are just starting out. Some are long-time veterans. For the middle-of-the-road runners who have trained and finished several races, the goal of finishing often shifts to finishing faster.

But how?

A lot of runners already know the basics: tempo run, long run, hill repeats, Yasso 800s. But there are more nuanced workouts that can train the seasoned runner to run faster and become a more efficient runner.

Enter the Progression Run.


(Image courtesy of and Ghandi)

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Start out at a warm-up pace. Like, actually a warm-up pace –> EASY.
  2. After 2 miles, increase your pace by about 15 seconds in the next mile.
  3. Continue to increase your pace by 15 seconds each mile for 6-7 miles.
  4. For the last mile, hit it hard and see if you can reach your tempo or race pace.


Progression runs start out easy but can fool you. If you start out too fast or increase your pace too soon, you won’t make it to the end with negative splits (one mile being faster than the previous). If you don’t consistently pick up your pace by 15 seconds per mile, you won’t feel like the workout is hard enough.

There’s a lot of self control and discipline in a Progression Run. Done right, it is confidence building, solid workout without being a full-on beat down like track work.

Give it a shot. See if you can control your pace. Let me know how it goes!

Progression run = DONE!

Progression run = DONE! (Wow, that is an extreme closeup of me all sweaty and gross, isn’t it. Sorry guys.)

Do you do Progression Runs? Do you find them difficult or more on the easy side? I’m more of a medium gal. They don’t kill me, but they take a lot of focus.

Now go out and run.