What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Welcome to Summer.

It is often intolerably hot in New York City during the Summer months. No matter how early you get up, how much you hydrate, or what you’re wearing, it’s STILL intolerable.

Luckily, there are some seriously fabulous companies making some seriously Summer-ready clothing.

Just your average Saturday run. You know, with 30 of your closest running buddies, sweating it out.

Just your average Saturday run. You know, with 30 of my closest running buddies, sweating it out. There’s a whole lotta moisture-wicking attire going on here.
(Image shamelessly stolen from http://thethinksicanthink.com/ or http://enthusiasticrunner.com –I can’t remember which)

So, what am I wearing to sweat it out in these 90 degree temps? Next to nothing.

Doing my best to feel naked.

Doing my best to feel naked.

Naked outfit:

  • Run: Swiftly Tech Racerback is as close to being topless as any tank top I’ve ever owned. I size up because it’s super sheer but maybe I shouldn’t because it gets pretty weighed down with my sweat. What do you think?

(Obi-wan, skip the next bullet)

  • Free To Be Bra is not a running bra for the larger than a small B cup so it works for me just fine. I recommend the Energy Bra for my more blessed runner friends.
  • Last summer’s compression shorts aren’t around again but the Run: Fast Track Short is close. It’s about 1 inch shorter than the ones pictured below (along with my favorite hat!) and made of my favorite fabric: luxtreme.
Yes, I wave like a mad woman even when I'm secretly dying inside.

Yes, I wave like a mad woman even when I’m secretly dying inside.

  • Sun Chaser Run Hat keeps my head cool, the sweat out of my eyes, and helps me avoid sunburn. Totally clutch.

**Full disclosure: As a lululemon Ambassador, I do receive clothes from them. No lie. But they are simply the best ones I’ve found and I’ve been wearing them since long before I became an Ambassador and will be wearing them long after my tenure has expired.

My 2nd pair lulu pants from forever ago (2005?) were finally retired last year.

My 2nd pair lulu pants from forever ago (2005?) were finally retired last year.

Other items I’m excited to try (pretty much the entire Oiselle line including, but not limited to):

I struggle with finding shorts I love so I’m really looking forward to giving Oiselle a try, especially seeing as how so many of my friends are loving them. Birdie says they’re right up my alley so OF COURSE I’m buying one of each.

What are your go-to summer clothing items? Compression or loose shorts? Tank top or shirtless? When you lace ’em up for a hot run, what do you avoid like the plague? Am I missing an amazing wardrobe piece? Tell me!

Now go out and run!



9 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing Wednesday

  1. So much respect for you East Coast runners – cannot imagine tackling workouts in some of that heat. I take my Swiftlys true to size as I too find they get bogged down. Also, I am not what you would describe as “vertically blessed” so sizing up makes them run dresses. I tend to lean towards looser shorts as the quads that I have EARNED by running up so. many. hills. can get a bit chafe happy in tighter shorts.

    • Do you wear the race length swiftly? I think I’m going to have to go down to TTS on mine since they get so sloppy during sweaty runs. I find my compression shorts chafe *less* than my baggy ones. Which shorts do you rock?

  2. my go-to wardrobe is Nike tempo shorts. Never tried Lulu shorts (or any bottoms, for that matter) nor have I tried Oiselle. I hear great things about them, but I’ve just been so dedicated to my tempos for so long it’s hard to imagine wearing anything else. Runners are stubborn.

  3. Running skirt! I too like to feel nearly naked but shorts look terrible on me and I love the perception that I have some extra coverage in the Pace Setter Skirt (even if everyone behind me is seeing as much or more as they would if I were in shorts.) All about the power-Y. I have no boobage so gimmie a tight tank and a skirt and I’m happy!

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