A New Routine With No Options

Hello friends! It’s great to be writing again, even if writing at this hour of the morning means only one thing: I am up and I’m not running.


Because it’s pouring rain. I know, I know, I should just go out and run. But it’s pouring cats and dogs, supposed to add lightning to the already nasty mix, and it’s super-dark out there. Not my idea of a good idea to go out. And I’m still awake! I didn’t go back to sleep! Booooooooooo rain.



Treadmill after work it is. Sigh.

And work — WORK! is at the hospital. I help treat, evaluate, and advocate for patients from the minute I walk in to the minute I walk out. It’s exhausting, hence why I prefer to run in the wee small hours of the morning.

Student PT Abby at your service!

Student PT Abby at your service!

This whole work-all-day-and-exhausted-at-night thing is new for me. I’m used to having my day severely broken up with clients and classes so that if I miss a run in the morning, I can grab a quick loop around the park that night.

Not so anymore.

Dawn run or bust!

Dawn run or bust!

I’m bummed about my lack of workout options on days like this. Pouring rain in the dark makes for scary city running and my neighborhood at work isn’t exactly safe for me to get a lunchtime jog in (plus, we don’t have employee showers and,well, YUCK).

And since I’ve been falling asleep at 8:30 (yup, I’m cool like that), an after work workout doesn’t seem like it’s even possible.

Soooooooooooo tired.

Soooooooooooo tired.

What’s a girl to do? Whatever I can.


  1. Run in the morning
  2. Run at lunch and use baby wipes (you’re welcome, patients)
  3. Run home from work
  4. Run at home after I get home from work
  5. Run on the treadmill (with everyone else in the free world) after work

Option #5 is obviously the last option. I hate running at 6pm at the gym on the treadmill with all of Manhattan. Talk about claustrophobia. 

It's not the treadmill I hate, it's the overcrowded gyms.

It’s not the treadmill I hate, it’s the overcrowded gyms.

Regular working people of the world, I feel your pain. I have never had “regular” working hours and now that I do, I hate it. I want my 6am start time back so I can work out at the gym when no one else is around.

Pretty please?

These 4.5 more weeks are going to crawl by. Should be interesting since I pick up training for the Chicago Half this weekend. Ruh-roh.

Speaking of Chicago…you can still get in on the raffle to win a stay in Acapulco for you and 10 of your friends by donating to the CCFA. $20 donation gets you 1 raffle ticket. Sand, sun, and fun with friends sounds pretty good right about now.

This is a real place. A real place where you could be going with your friends if you donate $20 or more to my fundraising page. Seriously.

This is a real place. A real place where you could be going with your friends if you donate $20 or more to my fundraising page. Seriously.

How do you Normal Working Hours people do it? Do you work exclusively in the morning or at home or on lunch? Share your wisdom with me!!! How do you stick to your workouts when Mother Nature conspires against you?

Now go out and run!

(Or, if you’re like me, run after work!)

8 thoughts on “A New Routine With No Options

  1. Ah the age old “fitting in a run and also a full time job” my fav! (Not). For a long time my answer was always to run afterworl, and if the weather sucked than hit the gym for some quality dread mill time. Lately I’ve been waking up at 5:30 (that time is only going to get earlier) to run before work bc I really like getting it in before the day starts. When the weather sucks I just suck it up and go to the gym. Do I like it? Hell no. But I try to remind myself it’s better than nothing. Or I’ll feel better once it’s done. Or I tell my husband I’m feeling lazy until he guit trips me into going. If nothing else the last option always works really well for motivation. Haha

  2. As a fellow student PT, I feel your pain. On my first clinical I was placed in a hospital and had normal working hours like you do now. Since it was summer, I was happy to wake up at 5am and get my run in before work and before the heat! I’m usually a morning runner/work-out-er so this wasn’t too much of a transition for me. If I don’t get it in before noon, it usually doesn’t happen! If it was raining out I would do some sort of HIIT in the living room in place of running ( for this clinical I was staying with a friend and hence, no treadmill access). I would want the same intensity (or more!) of running so I would do circuit workouts with plyometrics and weights. Always a good option and gets you ready to tackle those max assists!

  3. I’ve done the post work gym thing, the early am run before the sun rises, and the quick lunchtime run (both at the gym and outside) although my office thankfully has showers (you’re welcome co-workers). Right now what works best for me is early am, because the Husband is training as well and he works out after work. Our schedules don’t really work out to run together during the week. That being said, if it’s raining my only option is to throw on a jacket and a baseball cap and just make the best of it (weather permitting of course – lighting is no joke and I would crawl back to bed in a second! haha). I tell myself stuff like “it’s only rain”, “I’ve run in worse”, “It’ll be over before you know it and then your workout for the day is done”. You know, all that good stuff us runners tell ourselves to convince us that sucky training runs are fun 🙂

  4. Congrats on working! At a hospital!! So exciting.

    I’m 80% self-employed and 100% not a morning person, but that 20% of the time that I’m expected to show my face in an office by 8am, I force myself to get the workout done in the morning. Sometimes I wake up late and don’t get as much time in as I plan and sometimes I’m tired and the workout is crappy, but at least it’s done by 6am and I can get on with my day without stressing about getting my mileage in. A crappy workout is better than a skipped workout.

  5. You would think with regular hours picking one time of the day to run and sticking with it would be easy but somehow it never works out that way! Over the past year I’ve gone from running at night, to mornings, to lunch time and back to mornings. Getting up early sucks majorly but it’s nice to get it out of the way. There haven’t been too many instances where I’ve woken up to a downpour though (although I may be in that situation tomorrow, crossing my fingers it’s not that bad) but if I did I feel like there’s a large part of me that would rather suck it up and run in the rain that face the dread-milll. Hahaha.

  6. I’m pretty fortunate, our work recently opened up a small satellite gym on our campus. There’s not much, dumbbells and a couple treadmills, bikes and ellipticals, but it makes it so much easier to find the motivation to work out knowing all I have to do is change and walk down the stairs. I way prefer running outdoors, but knowing I don’t have to be stuck in a crowded gym at 6pm makes treadmills much more doable.

  7. I’m a run-mmuter, aka I run from work to my house. It is a great way to get a work out in AND you get to avoid the smelly, packed subway (win win especially in summer). Depending on the time of year I will hit up one of the river paths or find a route to take me down streets with large sidewalks but still a good amount of people around for safety. The only down side is trekking clothing back and forth… And your coworkers thinking you are crazy 🙂

  8. When I did my hospital rotation, I ran afterwards. After spending all day in the hospital, I needed the fresh air! Plus then I would shower at night which would make getting ready in the morning super quick. Now, in my big kid job (I work 10-11 hour days), I have to exercise in the am because I am way too tired at night. Congrats on your first clinical and glad to see you are enjoying it!

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