Wednesday Workout: Hills. Ugh.

Hills are not fun.

When I was on the cross country team in middle school we ran hills on the local “ski” hill. It was a big, long, man-made hill in Lisle, Illinois called Four Lakes.

Yeah, it's not really great for skiing but it's TORTURE for running.

Yeah, it’s not really great for skiing but it’s TORTURE for running. (Image courtesy of

Basically, our workout went like this: run as many of these as you can in the time that we’re here. Ready? Go!

It was pretty much my least favorite workout.

But hills make you strong. And hills make you fast. And hills gotta be done.

Ok fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. I did hills this morning. Happy? 2 miles up to the park, 6 Cat Hill repeats, 1 mile to a cab (I was running late for class).

Rawr! (Image courtesy of

Rawr! (Image courtesy of

Cat Hill is about 0.2 miles up not a crazy-steep grade but enough that I, you know, feel it and wanna die. I did 6 with jogging in between.

I’m not the biggest fan of this exercise because it’s suuuuper haaaaaard (I’m whiny today) but very effective in working at maximum aerobic capacity while building straight-up strength in the leggys.

Gotta get strong in the legs if I have any hope of PR-ing in Jersey.

Excited for Jersey!

Excited for Jersey!

Do you run hills? Does your hill have a cool name with a cool cat on it? Is it a ski hill? I mean, an actual ski hill. Not my bunny hill. No offense, Four Lakes.

Off to my Pathology midterm. Everyone say a prayer.

Now go out and run.