Friday Fitness News: Bummer News

Over the years that I’ve volunteered with disabled athletes, and become one myself (sort of), I have learned a lot from my newfound friendships.

Love Achilles!

Love Achilles!

-You don’t have to have sight to see who your friends are or complete multiple marathons. 

-You don’t have to have all your limbs in tact to hold people in your embrace or beat 90% of the racing field.

-Only you define your limits and they are endless, including competing in triathlons.

We have all been inspired by the Special Olympics and this summer’s groundbreaking news of a disabled athlete, double amputee Oscar Pistorius, competing against able-bodied athletes. Sadly, it seems that image of Pistorius-the-Great is gone now that he’s been charged with murdering his model girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. As the story unfolds, it continues to be a very sad, shocking, and disappointing situation.

Oscar "The Bullet" Pistorius seems like an eerie nickname now. (Image courtesy of the Washington Post)

Oscar “The Bullet” Pistorius seems like an eerie nickname now. (Image courtesy of the Washington Post)

In other news…





And that’s the news this week, friends. Don’t forget the lulunatics meet tomorrow at 9am for 8 miles in Central Park. Come run with us…if it’s not snowing like crazy or icey. Eeeeeeek!

Now go out and run!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fitness News: Bummer News

  1. I can’t believe that people care what anyone else is wearing while they work out. What’s more sad is that if it had been a slim, tall model-looking woman, people would have thought it was cute/ironic. *cue grumbling rant from me*

  2. I wish I had that “what to wear” matrix when I first started running. I regularly went out in the wrong clothes. I didn’t figure it out until someone told me to take the outside temp, add 15 degrees, and dress as though I’m going walking in that weather. The Runner’s World thing requires a lot less thinking.

    I love Rebel Wilson’s shirt. It fits her comic personality perfectly to work out in a shirt with donuts on the boobs. I want one so bad. I wonder if it comes in a performance tee?

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