Winners! Nemo! Pet Peeves!

Thank you to all who participated in the Sparkly Soul Giveaway! As you know, I’m a big fan and love to shout their praises near and far. Bonus: they’re sold at Flywheel, where you can find me at least once a week.

My poor wallet.

Addicted. What can I say?

Addicted. What can I say?

Drumroll please…

2, 5, 17 are winners! I mean, you're all winners but they won the headbands :)

2, 5, 17 are winners! I mean, you’re all winners but they won the headbands 🙂

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Most of you love a nice, long run but I’m glad to see one speed workout represented in the winners circle. Yay for speed demons!

Please email me with your name and address so that I can send you your fabulous prize. Can’t wait to see how you sport your sparkle on your next run.

How did all of you fair with Nemo? I know some of my friends in Connecticut are still underneath several feet of snow (yikes).

"Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snoooooooooow!" ~How I was woken up on Saturday morning.

“Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snoooooooooow!” ~How I was woken up on Saturday morning.

Hopefully, the rain is helping to clear some of that away. Some of you ran. Wow. I did not run. Instead, I went out to play in the snow in my new boots.

New boots! = fun snow day

New boots! = fun snow day

Most people will cringe when they read what’s next. I did my “long run” on the treadmill on Friday as the nasty sleet was falling from the sky. It was only 7 miles since I’m doing the half marathon in May, not the full, and I ran it alongside Birdie.

While treadmilling, Birdie and I decided that there comes a limit to our ability to run on a treadmill at any one stretch. Also, we witnessed some seriously terrible trainers actually injuring clients and decided that it was no longer the treaddie that would keep us from running indoors, but seeing bad trainers hurt people.

I feel like this is how everyone thinks it has to be. Thanks, Biggest Loser.(Image courtesy of

I feel like this is how everyone thinks it has to be. Thanks, Biggest Loser.(Image courtesy of

That has to be my #1 pet peeve: watching terrible trainers do dangerous things. You feel me, right? And here are the others, in no particular order:

  1. Needlessly dropping heavy weights
  2. Flexing into the mirror
  3. Inappropriate gym attire (more cheeks than I need to see)
  4. Spitting into the water fountain
  5. Spitting in the pool
  6. Blowing one’s nose in the pool
  7. Bogarting a machine
  8. Circuit training on every machine in a 15-foot radius 
  9. Singing along to your iPod
  10. Smelly gym clothes
  11. Coffee
  12. Not putting weights back
  13. Putting weights back in the wrong spot
  14. Bad form
  15. Loud trainers/training partners
  16. “That guy” who gets on the treadmill RIGHT NEXT to yours when there are 15 others available
  17. Know-it-all gym patrons
  18. Trainers who hit on patrons
  19. Dirty gym equipment
  20. Showers without hot water

…and many, many more.

What are your workout pet peeves? Did you run in the snow this weekend? I went to Danielle’s spin class instead and ROCKED it out with JB. Just writing about it is making me hungry…mmmmm, pancakes.

Now go out and run!

11 thoughts on “Winners! Nemo! Pet Peeves!

    • This one girl had coffee next to me on a treadmill. Coffee breath, coffee wafting over to me. I almost gagged, the smell was so strong. Drink it, I get that, but leave it off the ‘mill.

  1. Peeves include (but are not limited to):
    -staring at yourself in the mirror (super gets me when you have to look past me to stare at yourself)
    -perfume wafting over from two treadmills down
    -people wearing garbage bags for weight loss
    -trainers staring at themselves/wearing jeans
    -setting up your spin bike while eating a slice of pizza
    -setting up your front row spin bike 5 minutes into the class
    -hydrating with a Venti Starbucks

  2. Oh… Right on about the dirty gym equipment! I get skeeved out by gyms that don’t have cleaning products on-hand. If the spray bottles or wet-wipe dispensers are empty, I’ll go work out at home. Don’t they know about staph infections?!

    That said… I disagree on one key point. You probably don’t want to share my swimming pool. There is NO WAY you are going to catch me swallowing pool water. The swim team pees in that water. (Seriously. *Every* swim team pees in the water.) I’m not drinking it!!!

  3. I am a trainer, not a biggest loser shout at the client trainer, but a compassionate, assist you with YOUR goals type. My biggest peeve is watching large groups of adolescent boys or father son pairs lift heavy and with poor form. I hate watching them pass along misinformation. I can’t help them because when I offer they will not accept my help. If I were 6’2 and male the help would be accepted.

  4. Oh, pet peeves:

    1) Wipe down your equipment when you’re done. Seriously. I’ll wait.
    2) People draped over the treadmill next to you chatting with their buddy. It’s distracting and weird having someone standing so close.
    3) Trainers roaming the gym in packs and/or leering.
    4) Food on the gym floor. Saw a trainer one time eating a chicken breast wrapped in plastic wrap right next to the stair climbers. Umm. Also, during “customer appreciation night,” my gym was serving hot food samples 20 ft from the cardio machines like it was freaking Costco. So gross.
    5) On that note, “customer appreciation days.” If you want to “appreciate me,” fix the broken equipment, don’t give me a 20% coupon to the spa I don’t use.

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