Workout Love: Giveaway!!!!

Now that we’re officially into Spring marathon season, I have a question for all of you:

What’s your favorite type of running workout?

  • Long Run
  • Tempo Run
  • Hill Workout
  • Fartleks
  • Yasso 800s
  • Mile Repeats
  • Ladders
  • Progressive Run
  • Something else I’ve never heard of?
Which is your fave? (Image courtesy of

Which is your fave? (Image courtesy of

I’d have to say that my absolute hands-down favorite is the Tempo Run.

I dig having a longer run where I have a chance to warm up and then kick a little butt for  some miles and then cool down. I always feel like my cool down miles seem SO much easier than ever before and they’re usually 8-8:15s.

What I love the most about Tempo Runs is that they give my confidence. I sometimes struggle to find a happy pace, but once I do I remember than I CAN run that tempo. When the cool down miles are a piece of cake–they are really around marathon pace–I start to believe I CAN reach my goals.

I’ve shied away from hard work in the past, but that’s the old me. Maybe that’s why I dig Tempo runs so much more now: I’m not afraid to work hard and feel uncomfortable. After all, if I want to achieve what I’ve never done before, I gotta step outside of my comfort zone to do it, right?

Do it.

Do it.

Don’t go away so fast! Tell me what your favorite type of run is in the comments and be entered to win one of my favorite run accessories: a Sparkly Soul Headband for your next awesome workout! THREE winners will be chosen at random and announced this Friday.

Now go out and run!