Wednesday Workout: I Don’t Wanna

I usually enjoy my workout days. I like working hard. I like short, fast workouts.

Not today. Maybe I should have taken the Deathly Hallows-looking park entrance as a sign.

Weeeeeird fog at the park entrance this morning. Ominous side or just cool air + warm park lake? You decide.

Weeeeeird fog at the park entrance this morning. Ominous side or just cool air + warm park lake? You decide.

I felt ok warming up and getting to the park but not my usual ready-to-go self after a mile warmup. I blame last night’s 2 mile plus weights at the gym. And sleeping like crap on Sunday night. And I was running on rolling hills, not a flat track. And I am still building back up, not maintaining.

Or maybe it was just a crappy workout.

Craaaaaazy humidity this morning! Not that this matters so much in my pace but, who knows.

Craaaaaazy humidity this morning! Not that this matters so much in my pace but, who knows.

I loved the weather and could not be happier to have my runs done in the morning instead of the afternoon. I just couldn’t get going on my mile repeats. I didn’t bring a watch (thank God) but I definitely was working hard regardless of my pace.

I did 2 repeats with a mile in between to catch my breath. So I met my mileage for the day but didn’t complete all 3 mile repeats. Sigh.

I just didn’t wanna.

I was tired and weighed my options. I could push through the third repeat and probably go so slowly that it would no longer be a benefit to increasing my speed OR I could jog out between sets, give the 2 my all, and head home.

I chose the latter. Because tomorrow is another day and I got stuff to do.

Beastly. Sweaty. Happy to be done.

Beastly. Sweaty. Happy to be done.

And that’s what it really comes down to for me. If one workout sucks, I cut my losses and move on. I got my mileage. I worked hard. I knew I was done.

Know when you’re done. The likelihood that the one repeat I didn’t is going to majorly affect your race time is absurdly non-existant. Get over it. Be done. Try again tomorrow.

How was your Workout Wednesday? Did you rock it or was it a struggle like mine? I hope you guys are all enjoying this Indian Summer and getting outside. Have you ever thrown in the towel during a workout because you were just done? Please tell me I’m not the only one…

Now go out and run!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: I Don’t Wanna

  1. I have DEFINITELY thrown in the towel before. If my motivation/energy is just not happening 20 minutes in, then to me there’s no point because it’s not happening. More normally that happens for a strength workout (typically if I’ve been overly ambitious in my workout plan). It doesn’t happen often, so like you said, I don’t think it’ll ever have a major effect.

    So jealous of everyone running right now!! Wish I hadn’t gotten sick right as this lovely little heat wave struck.

  2. You aren’t the only one, Not even the only one in Central Park that cut back on today’s run. I just wasn’t feeling it after Sunday’s Manhattan Half. I stopped worrying about pace, stopped looking at my watch and concentrated on posture and focus.
    I’m willing to bet there are days when we all go a little farther or a little faster, and it’s going to even out in the end.

  3. Abby-
    Sometimes during my workouts(when they existed) I would start out feeling awful and would end feeling great by pushing it. My body usually let’s me know its DONE!!! I try to listen and have the very same thoughts you did today. We have another day, you got in your miles, there’s no loss. It’s actually a gain, you finished and you listened to your body. I have had to listen to my body these past 2 months of no runs,no elliptical and no weights or yoga. I am starting back slow tomorrow. A yoga DVD and then actual class on Friday. If I am up to it Friday a treadmill walk,or elliptical before yoga. I’m scared but my body is giving me the opportunity so I am TAKING IT AND RUNNING!!!!!!!!!! So, yes I think we’ve all been where you were today and from the looks of the pics I honestly think I would have not even entered the park this morning,LOL

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