You’re An Animal

I generally don’t plan my races more than a few weeks in advance. What’s that you say? I’m not the Type A runner with a calendar full of events by January 2nd every year? I am not.

Sure, I plan the Big Ones: marathons, half marathons (most of the time), and 200-mile relays.

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But those races require more planning than others. Hotel, train vs. car, pre-race dinner reservation. You’d be surprised how far in advance you need to make a dinner reservation for dinner the night before. It gets cutthroat.

I digress.

But there are some of you out there who have signed up for, like, 4 half marathons in 9 weeks.

I don't know what you people are smoking, but y'all have some serious race addictions.

I don’t know what you people are smoking, but y’all have some serious race addictions.

What’s a casual-competitive runner to do when there are only 2-5 weeks between races? Here are a few scenarios and how to go from race to race seamlessly.

  • First race: Half marathon, Second race: Marathon

Build your running schedule around the marathon and let your half marathon be a time trial of sorts. You’ll be happy to have the shorter distance a few weeks before the Big One.

  • First race: Marathon, Second race: Half marathon

You’ll obviously train for the marathon and let the half marathon just kind of fall where it may, pace-wise. All that long run training will carry you through to the half. Use the first week for full recovery, then add in speed work once or twice a week along with some mid-range long runs (8-10).

  • First race: Half-marathon, Second race: Half marathon

Train for the first, take a few days to rest after and recover (if you ran it hard), then ramp it back up during the in-between weeks and taper for a week before the next race.

  • First race: Marathon, Second race: Marathon

You crazy kid. Train for the first, recover properly, ease back into running, and focus on maintaining mileage, as opposed to too much speed, in between the two races. Be sure to get plenty of rest and eat your protein and veggies!


Anybody have a multiple-race month? Anybody done back-to-back marathons? I haven’t. I like my body in one piece, thank you very much. I know there are some of you crazy kids out there. Fly your freak flag and tell me all about it!!!

Now go out and run. Go get ’em, you animals.