Running Schizo

Good morning, everyone! Wow. You’d think that with all the “time off” I’ve had in the past three weeks that I’d have posted more often.

Yeah, hence the quotations.

Yes, three weeks is a nice, long time. However, three weeks with two major holidays during two of the three weeks and a weekend trip to Florida kills the “three weeks” notion dead.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Wah. Wah. Wah. I know.

It HAS been nice to run in the middle of the {freezing cold} day.

Holy brrrrrrrrrr!!! Batman.

Holy brrrrrrrrrr!!! Batman.

Necessary items these past few weeks: What The Fluff (reversible) vest, Sugoi long brushed running tights, Run Swiftly Long Sleeve, In Stride jacket, Saucony cold weather running mittens, and Run Brisk headband.

Average temperature on my runs of late: 27 degrees (feels like 17). I. Am. Freezing. when I start and just fine by the end. Even had to strip my gloves a few times.

Then, off to FL where I almost died from the humidity.

Note to self: get smaller tank tops & never let my MIL take photos of me. She's, like, a foot shorter and we all know how bottom-up photos look. Eeeek.

Note to self: get smaller tank tops & never let my MIL take photos of me. She’s, like, a foot shorter and we all know how bottom-up photos look. Eeeek.

Necessary items: Run: Turnaround shorts, Scoop Me tank top (which I now see is a size too big…), iTunes for motivation, and Oakley Urgency shades. My hair didn’t like it so much either (see: all family pictures taken after we got off the plane).



Yet another reason why I will never move to Florida: You can’t run there without dying. I don’t know how you FL runners do it.

It’s tough for bodies to go from running in freezing cold to extreme heat & humidity. A couple of precautions:

  1. Warm up. Let your body adjust accordingly before you get into your workout.
  2. Hydrate. Both cold & heat dehydrate you in their own special way.
  3. Dress accordingly. Longer post on winter dressing to come but it’s important to layer up or strip down, depending on where you are. Example: no black crops in the sun.

You snow birds must be experts at this. Btw, back in NYC and it’s 50°. Yahooo!

Have you ever gone from one climate to the other and run successfully? What are your tricks? Did you travel this holiday season? Are you as bummed out about school starting as I am? Tell me all about it.

Now go out and run.

3 thoughts on “Running Schizo

  1. I went from sunny and warm in San Diego to cold, dry, and windy in Vegas in December. It actually warmed up a bit right before the race started, but the dryness! I’ve never consumed so much mid-race water in my life. It makes me not take our perfect weather for granted.

    PS I die for the What The Fluff vest — but it’s sold out in my size at my store and online. Sadface.

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