Back From the Brink

HELLO READERS!!!!! I hope you all had Happy Chanukahs, Merry Christmases, and are looking forward to very festive New Year’s next week.

I somehow survived finals week with my eyeballs and my sanity barely intact and managed to get into the holiday spirit in just a few days so I could enjoy Christmas in the City with JB. How did I do it? I made cookies, of course.

I was careful not to make too many since we'd be the only ones eating them!

I was careful not to make too many since we’d be the only ones eating them!

We had a seriously awesome Christmas here in NYC, just the two of us. We saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, starring the world-famous Radio City Rockettes.

AKA starring one of my bestest friends in the wide-world, who also happens to be the most talented Radio City Rockette!

AKA starring one of my bestest friends in the wide-world, who also happens to be the most talented Radio City Rockette!

We were out for dinner on Christmas Eve after the show when it started to snow here in the city. How magical! Snow on Christmas Eve! We ran (of course) on Christmas Day, ate our favorite goodies, had a delicious (mostly) homemade dinner, watched A Muppet’s Christmas Carol, and opened presents like little kids on Christmas morning.

Presents under the tree!

Presents under the tree!

That giant brown box was my present and I can say for certain that I didn’t mind JB getting me just one present at all…

Nope. Not one bit. Oh, hey there, Miss Piggy.

Nope. Not one bit. Oh, hey there, Miss Piggy.

Since we watch The Muppets on Christmas morning (and listen to John Denver & The Muppets Christmas Eve), JB thought it fitting that we have a special guest star make an appearance.

Ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous Miss Piggy!

Ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous Miss Piggy!

It was an honor to have such a starlet in our home.

So, yeah. We had a great little NYC Christmas. And finals, stressful though they were, ended up fine in the end. Grades are good, blah, blah, blah.

I missed you guys! Every day I was in class or studying and I had a blog idea I got a little sad because I knew I’d never have time to sit down and write it. And, of course, they all flew right out of my head because I can’t remember a single one. What I did manage to do during finals week was work out every day. I even ran a race!

My socks told me to run fast, so I did. Well, I ran fast for me, anyway. 10K @ 7:34min/mile.

My socks told me to run fast, so I did. Well, I ran fast for me, anyway. Hot Chocolate 10K @ 7:34min/mile. 5th place AG! I didn’t WIN the race like SOME people I know…(ahem, @Manz811)

What the…?!?! How did I manage that? I didn’t even realize I’d done it until last Friday when finals were finally done and I was out for a little run with my rehab running buddy. As crazed as I was during finals, I found solace and peace in my daily workouts. I ran a lot (even a track workout here and there!), hit up Flywheel with Steven A LOT, and ran some more to clear my head of the day’s studies so as to make room for the next day’s exam.

I’m not saying it was pretty. But it certainly made me a little less of a monster during an extremely trying time of the school year.

Frizzy hair + glasses = must be finals week!

Crazy frizzy hair + glasses = FINALS WEEK MONSTER!

Working out is how I survived and made it to all sorts of finish lines this year.

Working out AND cookies.

Working out AND cookies. Oscar the Grouch will never win a race with that attitude.

How do YOU handle crazy-stressful times in your life? Even the planned ones that you know are coming for months and months seem to sneak up on you, don’t they? What do you do when you can’t catch your breath? Maybe the holidays are like that for you. Do you run more or less? Do you eat more or less? How do YOU cope?

Tell me all about it and how were YOUR holidays???? Did Santa bring you all the running gear you ever wanted? I saw lots of cool presents on Twitter! What was your favorite one?

Now go out and run!

5 thoughts on “Back From the Brink

  1. My family came to visit me in NYC a few weeks ago and we saw the Christmas Spectacular too! Holy cow, the Rockettes were super impressive–so graceful, flexible, and strong. So nice seeing you at the Hot Chocolate run! 🙂

  2. I just try to stay consistent in the gym and keep up with my crossfit classes. My mind is always going so I have to exercise to keep myself sane. I loved spending the additional time with my family. Lucky for me, my wife loves to cook and took care of most of the hard stuff! I did eat 5 pieces of pie on Christmas day but it didn’t seem to affect my UC so it appears I made i through!

  3. Abby,
    Wow that is an awfully full schedule with extra work outs thrown in -I’m jealous. My intestines have been acting up and I have endured a partial obstruction since 12/10. I was in the hospital 11 days-Mom cancelled our Christmas Eve festivities because I am so unpredictable. Luckily, she did because I was sick Sat. before X-mas and they said the blockage was due to a bladder infection. The swelling of the bladder was pressing on the swollen intestines causing the partial blockage. Yeah okay. Anyway, X-Mas Eve started the vomitiing over again, sicker than sick and back to the ER we go. They redid a CT scan on me and compared it to the one from the 10th and it was exactly the same. hey kept me until 4 a.m. and told me to not eat food and rest. Which I did, I still managed to open gifts and act like a kid at 9 a.m. but after that I was down for the count. Now I have not been to the gym since the 10th, run or done anything fitness related. I am scared to start again and need a little boost. I am still taking off the rest of this week and weekend due to the swollen intestines and only liquids. I have zero energy. I would appreciate some cheer leading sent my way because once again I feel like a failure. I know its not my fault but I still feel like a complete loser. I had been making such headway with my work outs and my trainer. I didn’t reschedule him until next Thursday. I am hoping to get out and jog or try to run a tiny bit but don’t want to do it alone. So the elliptical it will be. Anyway I am glad you are finished with finals (always a killer) and was able to keep your work outs up! I’m so jealous………………. much love and new found friendship

      • Thanks Abby I have been resting since the beginning of December and now fighting a flu but getting antsy-want to start working out again. But I am being proactive in planning workouts right now until I can do them, which makes me happy!!!!!!!! May you have a great 2013 too!!!!!!!!!!

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