Don’t Freak Out

One of my not-so-favorite parts about this time of year is all the diet talk. It’s EVERYWHERE.

Twitter, Facebook, blogs, magazines, discount websites, and in every single conversation I overhear at the nail salon.

Image courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

A “Nine Day Wonder Diet”?!?! Do you know what you could do in 9 days that would do wonders? Get some sleep, drink some water, run some miles, and smile more often.

But NOOOOOOOOOOO. Harper’s Bazaar and every other magazine out there wants you to think they have a “Wonder Diet” that will miraculously make you look like Heidi Klum. Seriously, Heidi. Your body is sick. I know you work for it, so I don’t begrudge you, but my GOD you look fantastic!

Heidi runs on the river! Me, too! See you out there, girlfriend. (Image courtesy of

Heidi runs on the river! Me, too! See you out there, girlfriend.           (Image courtesy of

Here’s the thing. Holidays are festive. There are parties, finals, parties after finals, big dinners, late-night festivities, and COOKIES GALORE!!!! this time of year. It’s ok to enjoy the merriment of the season.

It is NOT, however, ok to…

  1. Stuff yourself and then complain you’re fat.
  2. Eat nothing and passive aggressively criticize everyone else who is.
  3. Get wasted every night, miss your morning run, and then whine about your slower 10K time.
  4. Run 100 miles this week because you had some delicious white chocolate fudge.
  5. Stress eat, abandon your workouts, pull all-nighters, and then starve yourself for a week.

Get a grip.

C is for Cookie and that's good enough for me. A life mantra, if you will.

C is for Cookie and that’s good enough for me. A life mantra, if you will.

This is not a healthy eating blog because, well, no one should model their eating off of me and my J-pouch diet (I’m still in need of a clever name for my pouch, by the way…). But runners are no less susceptible to the holiday food backlash than anyone else. We’re human after all.

Except Oscar. He is superhuman. (Image courtesy of the Washington Post)

Except Oscar. He is superhuman.                             (Image courtesy of the Washington Post)

So, keep running. Keep training. Have a merry, happy, wonderful holiday season. Enjoy your family and friends and that weird co-worker whose much more fun that you originally thought. Don’t go bananas but don’t also be that Judgemental Judy in the corner with your carrot sticks, scowling at everyone eating a cupcake off the dessert tray. No one likes that party guest.

Ignore the magazines and do what you do. Just don’t overdo.

Maybe get involved with the Runner’s World Streak (albeit a few weeks late) or try the Refine Method Challenge or check out Cooking Light‘s delicious holiday cookies. I’m a raspberry stripper fan, myself.

Mmmmm...can't get enough of these! Good thing they're kind of a pain in the butt to make.

Mmmmm…can’t get enough of these! Good thing they’re kind of a pain in the butt to make.

And if eggnog is what gets you through dinner with your family, then so be it. My personal preference is prosecco or sauvignon blanc, but desperate times call for desperate measures and if there’s alcohol in it, I’m drinking it. Enjoy the holidays, friends.

And don’t forget to go out and run!

P.S. Today is the last day of Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week. I want to thank you all for your kind words and for spreading awareness about Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. In case you ever want to know where you can learn more or donate to the cause, there is a great non-profit called The Great Bowel Movement whose founders are some very lovely ladies I have the pleasure to know.

And if you ever want to raise money for the CCFA, Team Challenge is national and they do seriously fun half-marathons in places like Napa and Vegas. Helllllllloooo, Vegas 2013 anyone?

Thank you again for your continuing support of my super-sexy journey with this disease. Now go out and run!

BOOM! Ask me!!

BOOM! Ask me!!

11 thoughts on “Don’t Freak Out

  1. All good points. I do the same bu maintaing a healthy diet and exercising often. Consistency is the key! When I do cheat..its not too much and its not too bad…

    Couple of questions..could you call the j pouch shit bag or is that innappropriate?

    Also, how does alcohol affect you? I have colitis and I am still experimenting with it…did it affect you differently before and/or after the j pouch?

    • Hi Levi! I’ll keep the suggestion in mind. Alcohol + flare = no good for me. So I avoided it while I was sick. Otherwise, it didn’t really affect me when I was in remission.

      • I don’t have flares anymore. No colon = no colitis. I’m lucky the very distal end of my (ahem) isn’t affected the way that it is for some people. So far, so good!

  2. Double thank-you today: (1) for not making me feel too bad about choosing to recover and not run AT ALL this week (what? Vegas was 5 days ago. Carlsbad is in 6 weeks. I’m RESTING MY LEGS DAMMIT). (2) For the shout-out to Team Challenge and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. Not everyone who suffers is so open about their disease and their struggles, and you choosing to share opens the door for other people to talk about it. Even if it is a little uncomfortable to do so at first. So BIG THANK YOU for talking about your Colitis. You’re an inspiration to Crohn’s & Colitis sufferers and the people who love them.

    If people want to help raise money for CCFA, but can’t commit to the big fundraising requirement, there are also a bunch of Team Challenge Lite events (mostly 10k) where the requirement is $200-$300. Plus, it’s really fun to run with Team Challenge. C&C sufferers are a fun bunch. 🙂

  3. Love this post. I’m not stressing over the holiday “eating” season. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s day, it’s dinners with friends, (hosting one this Sat), official events like my jazz club’s annual Christmas party and tree lighting ceremony with one of our elected officials, cookie exchange and the list goes on. I participate but I’m still ON A MISSION so I walk/run/workout as often as possible. If I can’t do one, I do the other. Got 1 hour walk in today. Hope to get to gym tomorrow and run on treadmill. Keeping holiday stuff in moderation. Restarted my c25k training and looking into Jeff Galloway’s interval run/walk training. Want to do more races next year-5k, 10k and maybe 1/2 marathon like my cousin in Florida. (Started running last year and just ran her third 1/2 marathon!!)

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