Making {runner} Friends

There have been times in my life when it’s been difficult for me to make friends.

  1. Camp, when I was a couselor.
  2. College, when I was an RA.
  3. School in general.
LittleMe 017

I can’t imagine other camp counselors thinking I’m uncool based on this picture alone.

I always ended up making the best friends in the end, but it was not an easy road and it was often lonely.

Moving to a new city or graduating from school can really mess with your running buddy lineup. I know it did mine!

First marathon trained & run allllll by myseeee-eeeelf.

First marathon trained & run allllll by myseeee-eeeelf.

I tried a few running groups but ran into the same problems as before:

  • Everyone else already had friends in the group.
  • No one wants to hang with the overly chatty new girl.
  • I do not come off as “cool”, even on my best days.

I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I had to be someone’s.



Enter Twitter and the blogging world.

New friends? Check! New running buddies? Check! New studios to get my sweat on? Check!

Some of my newest and most exciting goals are coming straight from my Twitter friends.


200+ miles in 24 hours with 12 teammates in 2 vans? I’m in!

And the Twittersphere and Blogosphere have given me the opportunity to not only meet fellow runners and sweat-a-holics like myself, but it has introduced me to some of my favorite fitness gurus ever whom I love (and miss–WHY DOES EVERYONE LEAVE ME?!?!) dearly.

Ambassador Buddies forever!

Ambassador Buddies forever!

Steven, DON'T GO!!!!!!! I mean, I guess it's a great opportunity and all but we will miss you!

Steven, DON’T GO!!!!!!! I mean, I guess it’s a great opportunity and all but we will miss you!

Plus, they tweet-cheer you on when you hit up their class or kick butt on a run!

So, if you’ve just moved or want to get into a fitness community or need a running buddy, take to the Internet! Hit up Twitter and make new friends. You’ll be surprised by how warm and welcoming everyone is. And, hey, you might meet your BrFF: Best running Friend Forever. I’m off to run with a new friend right now.

Now go out and run!

7 thoughts on “Making {runner} Friends

  1. Great post! I’ve just started to branch out into the world of Twitter/blogiverse runner friends, and couldn’t be more thrilled with that decision (see: how I just got pretty much convinced to join for the NJ half in May…)

  2. Love this post! I didn’t have many active friends at all before I joined the Twitter/blog world since law students don’t tend to be the exercising types. It’s been so great to meet other people who are into running and fitness! No more 10 mile runs by myself 🙂

  3. I love interacting with fellow runnerds through blogging and tweeting–it’s so much fun! Plus, I also hearing about everyone’s progress and being a virtual cheerleader. 🙂

  4. My husband and I just relocated from Pittsburgh to Edmonton and since I am not yet working (a typically somewhat easy way to meet people, etc.) making friends hasn’t been the easiest. In our move, our road bikes were damaged so we found a local bike shop to tune them up for us. As luck would have it, the shop is also home to a tri team and some of the friendliest, like-minded people I’ve ever met. From the bad came the good and it’s so nice to know some people in a new country! 🙂

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