Finish Lines

If you haven’t noticed already about me, I am BIG with finish lines.

Medals. I like Finisher’s medals.

I like to train for races, but I like to finish races. I don’t really enjoy training for nothing at all so I am always looking for my next goal. It was really frustrating to train for this year’s Marine Corps Marathon and not run it.

Surgery > Marathon. Sadly.

I mean, Sandy happened and all that so I’m not sure we would have made it down for the marathon even if I was healthy, but you get the idea.

I like to train. I like to race. I like to finish.

This translates literally to my non-running life.

I like to get certificates, diplomas, little monikers that say, “You did it! You finished!” If there’s no piece of paper for me, did it really happen?

Yeah baby!

I don’t think anyone is handing out certificates of completion for surgery these days. I mean, they should but my surgeon didn’t include that in my discharge papers.

It’s important to me that I commemorate this and other massive milestones in my life. Anniversaries, birthdays, the end of massive medical interventions…they’re all the same to me.

A dinner. A party. A vacation. Something. A finish line that says, “I did it! I made it through Hell and back!”

No more surgery = party time! Hats, sunglasses & all!

Between JB and me, we like to celebrate moments in our lives. There’s something to be said for working toward a goal, meeting it, and celebrating the journey AND the finish!

Celebrate these finish lines, too, not just the ones that come with medals.

My first marathon medal. I wore this all day the NEXT DAY!

Be proud of what you have accomplished, large and small. Celebrate your victories and finish lines.

Oh, and if you see me running around this winter, know that it is solely for the celebration I will be having on a beach! No bag included πŸ˜‰

Now go out and run!

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