Strength Season

I like to think of the winter as Strengthening Season. I don’t really do much more than a 15K during the winter. Partially because I’m pretty grumpy when I get cold and partially because there just aren’t a lot of longer races in the Tri-State area during the freezing months of the New Year.

Me in the cold. Do I look happy to you?

So I cross-train more in the winter. I like hitting the gym and Flywheel so I can avoid the blistering wind on the East River. You will find me (begrudgingly) in Central Park or on the Rivers, trudging along wishing for Spring.

Anywhoodle, between recovering from surgery and getting my (less than 20 pound) lift on, I’m a big fan of strength training. One of My Team members and Physical Therapist, Dr. Karyn Keating has invited me to spread the word about an awesome opportunity for NYC runners!

Karyn is awesome, trust me.


Join Karyn & Sarah Dimmick from Physical Equilibrium for a strength training seminar for runners. Seriously, who among us couldn’t use more strength training? Oh, and it’s FREE!


  • Where: Cynergy Physical Therapy, 145 West 57th Street, 10th floor
  • When: Wednesday, November 28th at 7pm


Check out Cynergy PT’s fancy new Alter-G Treadmill! You know how I feel about the Alter-G (hint: I think it’s awesome!) and this is a great opportunity to see what they’re all about.

Like running on a cloud.

Karyn will probably be my boss some day so you’d do well to get to know her. She’s wicked smart. Let’s Run Stronger Every Day together. See you there!

Now go gout and run!