No One Likes Runner I.K.E.

My gorgeous husband has introduced me to many things throughout the eight years (!!!!!) we’ve been together. For example, one cupcake is NEVER enough. 2 people = 4 cupcakes.

Yankee-themed cupcakes. Is there anything better? ย  ย  ย (Answer: No)

Another, some men DO clean bathrooms. And my personal favorite, all of his acronyms and colloquialisms. I had never heard of some of these and they always make me laugh right out loud.

One of my favorites? I.K.E. = I Know Everything. Guess where that came from?

Marines have lots of fun acronyms. Most are not appropriate for this blog.

Runners, like Marines, are a special kind of people. Marines get the job done. Runners do the same.

I love this quote.

By and large, runners are a supportive group of people. What really gets to me are the Runner I.K.E.s. Not the runners who are health professionals or coaches. I’m talking about the runners whose profession is neither running nor related to the physiology of the human body.

One of my friends was berated by Runner I.K.E. and told that she is “out of shape because she’s sore after a half marathon that she didn’t PR in.”


Oh, thems is fightin’ words.

I am not a fan of runners judging other runners.

  1. Are you a fitness/medical professional?
  2. Are you his/her coach?
  3. Did they ask for your opinion?

If the answer to even one of these is “NO” then keep your thoughts to yourself! Who, after someone tells you they ran a half-marathon yesterday, says ANYTHING except “That’s awesome!”? Ummm…no one.

Let me lay a little science on you. Soreness happens because of a variety of physiological reasons. Diet, training, course, lactic threshold, speed, exertion levels during the race, recovery practices, and a whole host of other factors feed into why someone is sore after a race, PR or not.

You know what soreness tells me? That runner worked hard.

Who feels me on this one? Ouch!

So next time you feel the urge to critique another runner’s performance, DON’T. Tell them they are Wonder Woman/Superman and give ’em a high five.

My money is on Wonder Woman. Hell hath no fury like a woman in a bustier.

Be nice. Don’t be Runner I.K.E.

Now go out and run!

4 thoughts on “No One Likes Runner I.K.E.

  1. Such a good post: I am frustrated by Runner IKEs, tooโ€”I call them “Runderminers.” The type of folks who bandy their anecdotal evidence about and make other runners feel bad or self-conscious or inadequate. Soreness is a sign of triumph, not failure!

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