Don’t Sweat It

Stowe is pretty.

Oh, hey there, Mt. Mansfield. You’re big.

And the air is clean and the sky is blue and there are stars at night. It’s a nice place to visit, FYI my fellow New Yorkers.

But it is COLD.

Don’t let that 34 degrees fool you, it was at least 20!

Weddings ALWAYS throw off my eating, running, life plan, especially when I’m part of the hosting family. Which I have been for four weddings now. And counting…

It’s tough to stay on track when you’re out of town, let alone attending approximately three parties in three days. I am not the girl who freaks out about this. Call me crazy.

We hit up the gym when it was convenient and decided that between chasing our niece around, cleaning up around the house, dancing the night away, and walking in heels (me, not JB) for two days, exercise was had throughout the day.

Big day past the 5-mile mark in Vermont!

So, yeah. I worked out. I also ate my weight in brownies and meatballs. There are no calories in food when it’s on a wedding weekend, so I assume I lost weight on this trip, right?

One weekend out of 52 in a year (or 40-something) is not going to make or break my training or my fitness. I don’t know why people go bananas about missing one workout or a two days to a family vacation. It happens.

I guess I’ve experienced being out a whole lot longer with some…other problems. Perspective.

Walking = victory.

So relax. Have fun. Don’t get crazy about that one run you missed so you could sleep in and be beautiful for the wedding. I mean, “it’s better to look good than to feel good” (famous Obi-wan quote). I see my family once a year, if that. Family > running.

And if running > family time then do it and don’t feel bad.

Make your choices and live with it. Don’t complain to everyone in the world that you can’t do EVERYTHING. I mean, you’re a grown-up. Be a grown-up.

I’m SO grown up.

Next time you have to choose, choose the one that’s most important TO YOU and then get over missing the other.

Now go out and run!

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