Workout Wednesdays

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you and your families are enjoying a relaxing day at the beach/BBQ/picnic/block party/rooftop lounge. The fireworks are set to begin here in NYC very soon. It is always a spectacular scene on the rivers. Be safe, everyone!

Red, White & Sparkly Soul Blue while I study!

In the spirit of letting freedom ring, when was the last time you gave yourself the freedom to just run for the sake of running? The freedom to go for as long or as short as you like, to make a turn onto a different street, to go clockwise instead of counterclockwise.

Now that marathon training season is underway (so says Twitter), runners are holding fast and tight to their prescribed workouts, terrified to deviate lest they ruin their chance to PR or simply finish. But don’t you have days when you just can’t get through six miles? When an easy four sounds more doable and more enjoyable?


Peanut representin’ the US of A!

The freedom to change your workout if you want to. The freedom to run farther than your schedule says to go that day if you’re feeling it. The freedom to turn around at two miles because today just isn’t the day. The freedom to go at night after work instead of at 5am when you need that extra hour of sleep.

The freedom to dress up like a Civil War veteran in a midtown Manhattan hotel. We don’t judge.

The freedom to choose a new running path.

The freedom to choose any new path.

Let {running} freedom ring, friends. Ring loud.

Now go out and run!