Friday Fitness Links: Well, It’s Saturday, Actually

I feel like I should put a disclaimer on the top of my blog that says:


Sure, take my money AND all my time. I won’t mind. Just make sure you get me a really well-paying job after this, ok?

Yesterday’s second orientation confirmed what I have been told all along, this will be the hardest semester in my career. Every single graduate, current student, professor, security guard and custodian has reinforced this statement.

Translation: I will be under a rock for the next eight weeks.

No weddings, bridal showers, parties, drinks, dinner with friends, weekend getaways, long bubble baths or afternoons spent sunbathing in Central Park. I will be the whitest girl in NYC come August when I finally emerge. The whitest, but one semester closer to graduating, so YAY!

No more sunshine for me. How sad.

My goal is to keep up and do well. My goal for the blog is also to keep up. However, if you don’t hear from me from time to time, rest assured I am just fine but cannot be disturbed for fear of failing Histology sometime in the next four weeks and Anatomy after that. Everybody ok with that? Great.

So, what’s news this week?

And there you have it folks, the news this week. Three cheers for those of you running/racing this weekend, especially all my friends braving the Hudson in the NYC Tri today! How did your race/run go today? I’m thinking a nice, long walk will be in store for me…just as soon as JB wakes up.

Now go out and run!

5 thoughts on “Friday Fitness Links: Well, It’s Saturday, Actually

  1. Congrats!!!!! I just finished law school, so I feel you with the whole “going under the rock” thing! At the end, it’s SO worth it!!!

      • just keep plugging away, and don’t let yourself think about how much work is ahead of you, just focus on what you can do that hour or that day. it makes everything a lot more manageable. Also, set up a good schedule for yourself with breaks and rewards – like, study for 2 hours, then take a break and go for a walk to get fro-yo or iced coffee, then 2 more hours and then go for a 30 min run. that helped me keep perspective/on task when I needed to be, but I also got to get workouts in and not feel too overwhelmed. I would also feel more refreshed when I got up/went outside on my breaks, and having little treats in between helped me not snack of junk food as a stress reliever or mindless study buddy. That, and making sleep and nourishing meals with my fiance a priority. Good luck – you will do awesome!

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